L2 Innovation Forum examines Disruptive Thinking, Listening and Iterative Development

Tavi Gevinson, Imran Amed and Christene Barberich | Photo: Mike Matas

NEW YORK, United States — Last Friday, The Business of Fashion attended the second annual L2 Innovation Forum, hosted by Professor Scott Galloway of NYU’s Stern School of Business. Featuring startup CEOs, academics, authors and bloggers, the forum examined innovation from a wide variety of angles. Over the course of the day, three important themes emerged: the power of disruptive thinking, the power of listening and the power of

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Second Annual Digital IQ Index of Luxury Brands Released

Digital IQ Ranking 2010 | Source: LuxuryLab

NEW YORK, United States — Last year BoF reported on the first ever ranking of luxury brands’ digital competence, and today the second ranking, published by New York-based LuxuryLab, was released first to a small number of global media outlets, including BoF. The adoption of digital media has been explosive. Longtime readers from the very beginnings of BoF may recall our first ever post on Fashion 2.0 back in April 2007 when

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Luxury Lab | China: The Biggest Opportunity for Luxury Brands in a Generation

Percent of Luxury Consumers under 45 | Source: NYU Stern

NEW YORK, United States — Making economic predictions isn’t easy these days, what with key indicators slumping one day and then bouncing back the next. But even as the global economy keeps market observers and analysts on their toes, there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on: the pre-eminence of the Chinese economy. Last month, the Chinese government announced that it was depegging its currency from the US dollar,

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How Mobile Commerce and Communication Will Change the Fashion Business

NEW YORK, United States — Now that most luxury brands have come to accept that the internet is a powerful tool for commerce and that social media provides an opportunity for a new kind of brand engagement, along comes another technological wave that will feed the ongoing digital revolution in fashion — and take it mobile. Indeed, according to Internet analyst Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley, “more users will likely connect to

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Luxury Lab | Generation Next: Understanding Tomorrow’s Affluent Consumer

Tavi Gevinson at Generation Next | Source: Luxury Lab

NEW YORK, United States — With speakers including teenage blogging sensation, Tavi Gevinson and Teen Vogue publisher Laura McEwen, last Friday’s “Generation Next Forum,” organized by New York-based thinktank LuxuryLab, examined the unique characteristics and growing influence of a young generation of consumers that’s set to impact the luxury goods industry like no other generation since the Baby Boomers: Generation Y. Wired and

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LuxuryLab’s Generation Next Forum

NEW YORK, United States — Catching a rare bit of television last week in between updates on the Icelandic volcano and the first ever televised British Election debate, I stumbled upon an episode of Electric Dreams on the BBC, which takes an average British family from 2010 right back to the 1970’s, stripping away every bit of modern technology in their home. Then, slowly, episode by episode, decade by decade, the family gets all of its technology back, like they are experiencing it for the first time. The key difference now, of course, is that they have the hindsight of knowing what's to come in the years ahead. In the 1970’s the family gets central heating, and the 1980’s sees…

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BoF Recommends | The Social Graph Clinic, 29 January 2010, New York City

[caption id="attachment_9481" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The Social Graph Clinic | Source: LuxuryLab"][/caption] NEW YORK, United States — The Business of Fashion is pleased to announce our second media partnership with LuxuryLab, following the much talked-about Luxury Lab Innovation Forum held last Autumn. On January 29th, the New York University-based think tank will hold its first Social Graph Clinic, "a one-day intensive workshop that takes an adroit and sober examination of social media's underpinnings, platforms, and best practices. The objective is to enhance participants' fluency in brand-driven social media efforts." Confirmed speakers include: • Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics who will speak on How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business • Shenan Reid, Co-Founder and Managing Director of…

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