Constructing Rick Owens’ Creative Bubble

Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy | Photo: Matthew Stone for BoF

Over the last two decades, Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy have managed to construct a fantastical creative world entirely of their own design and turn it into a commercially successful business, projected to generate $120 million in 2014.

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The Spotlight | Thamanyah by Ahmed Abdelrahman

Detached Sleeve Kandora from Thamanyah Autumn/Winter 2012 | Photo: Asha Mines

PARIS, France — “I met him at the gym, in his boxing shorts, fancy sneakers and large Kelly Bag as a gym bag,” recalls Michèle Lamy — Rick Owens’ captivating muse, wife, and business partner — of her Dubai-born, Paris-based protégé, Ahmed Abdelrahman. “He was able, in a couple of months, to mingle Middle-Eastern and Western culture in a such a chic, clever, refined way — mind-blowing,” she exclaims. Indeed, Abdelrahman’s precise,

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