Selfies Help ‘Facebook of Fashion Fit’ Cut Online Returns

Fitbay personalisation ensures that clothing fits your shape and size | Source: Fitbay

It’s an Internet Age-old riddle: How do you know if clothing you buy online is going to fit and — more important — flatter you? Christian Wylonis wants to solve it with Fitbay, his Copenhagen-based startup, which matches you online with people of similar size and shape to see how clothing looks in real life.

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Commerce That’s Curated Just for You

Looklab Screenshot | Source:

NEW YORK, United States — Finding fashion products online that fit personal parameters like taste, style, size, body shape, eye colour, hair colour and skin tone; are right for a particular mood or upcoming event; and can be nicely mixed-and-matched with the existing contents of a user’s closet, all while quickening the pulse and providing a feeling of discovery, is a problem that offers tremendous opportunity for would-be

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The Long View | Sramana Mitra on Web 3.0 and the Science of Personalised Shopping

Sramana Mitra | Source: Sramana Mitra

MENLO PARK, United States — Since 2003, when Web 2.0 first hit the mainstream, we’ve seen an explosion of user-generated content (UGC). Since then, fashion innovators have harnessed the growth of UGC to build experiences like Polyvore, where consumers can mix and match their favourite fashion items for others to see and shop. But as more and more consumers become increasingly active on the social web, the volume of content being

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