Jess Lee’s Journey From Polyvore Superuser to CEO

Jess Lee, co-founder and CEO of Polyvore | Source: Polyvore

In the latest instalment of Founder Stories, a series highlighting the personal and professional journeys of some of fashion’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, BoF speaks with Jess Lee, co-founder and CEO of Polyvore, a community-driven fashion discovery site that aims to create “an army of Anna Wintours.”

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CEO Talk | Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer, Polyvore

Sukhinder Singh, CEO, Polyvore | Source: Polyvore

MOUNTAIN VIEW, United States — As the digital revolution continues to exert a powerful democratising force on the closed hierarchy of the traditional fashion system, perhaps no platform has put more power in the hands of the people than Polyvore, a social shopping site. Polyvore gives consumers the tools to mix and match their favourite fashion items, creating “sets” for others to see and shop. In this way, everyone truly is an

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Bonkers London Fashion Week, Christopher meets Donatella, TK Maxx prospers, Polyvore investors, Grocery chic

London Fashion Week going to be bonkers (Telegraph) Sarah Mower reports that “the British Fashion Council’s biggest problem is finding enough room on the schedule to accommodate everyone hammering on the door. But as problems go, it’s a nice one to have.” Donatella Versace on fashion and celebrity (Times) Christopher Kane interviews Donnatella Versace and learns that she finds “the excessive emphasis on finance

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