CEO Talk | Camilla Skovgaard, Shoe designer and entrepreneur

Camilla Skovgaard | Source: Shine Group

HONG KONG, China - Camilla Skovgaard is one of those rare aberrations of the current economic malaise. While almost all other designers I have spoken to are nervously reporting order cancellations and declining or flat sales, Skovgaard’s shoes have chalked up triple-digit increases for Spring/Summer 2009. Of course, part of this growth can be explained by the rapid growth of the luxury shoe category — it’s a case

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The Swiss Textiles Award | Fashion’s crystal ball

ZURICH, Switzerland - The Swiss Textiles Award is not the richest fashion design prize available -- the 300,000 euro prize from Mango takes that category. But, over the past 5 years it has emerged as perhaps the most influential award of its kind, and the only one to operate with a global remit. In 2003, a little-known Belgian designer named Raf Simons won the prize and went on to wow fashion critics, who were now playing close attention to his work. Cathy Horyn had this to say of his Simons' men's 2005 Spring/Summer collection, shown in Paris in July 2004: What Mr. Simons did in an instant was to render the day, and most of the previous one of the…

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Q&A | James Ogilvy, Publisher of Luxury Briefing

LONDON, United Kingdom - James Ogilvy noticed something in 1996: there was no dedicated business publication for the wider luxury industry. So he conceived of Luxury Briefing, a monthly publication which is read by leaders and senior executives in luxury companies from fashion to cosmetics to gourmet food to design to media. Since then, James and his team have launched a website and a series of annual conferences that dig into the issues that impact businesses across the luxury spectrum. James comes into contact with idea makers and opinion leaders from different parts of luxury and knows the topics and concerns on these executives' minds. I caught up with James to benefit from this unique industry-wide vantage point and to learn…

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