Lessons from the High Street | Merchandising and Multiples

Uniqlo visual merchandising | Source: Uniqlo

LONDON, United Kingdom — “Men’s and women’s polo t-shirts in 25 colours from £12.99!” Ads announcing this Uniqlo promotion have been plastered alongside London buses this month, as well as being featured front-and-centre in Uniqlo shops everywhere. Same-store sales rose 18.3 percent in May 2009 over last year for the Japanese retailer, and the company’s stock hit five-year record highs. Over at

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Hermès’ resilience, Bally’s e-commerce, Ralph Lauren sales down, LVMH holding steady

Herems store in London, photo courtesy of

Hermès shows resistance in luxury downturn (The Globe and Mail) “We have seen a slowdown in sales growth since October but we are still growing,” says Hermès finance director Mireille Maury. Bally to Launch E-Commerce (WWD) Bally, the Swiss luxury brand joins in on the e-commerce game. (Subscription required) Polo Ralph Lauren’s Net Falls 6.6% (WSJ) Ralph Lauren Q3 earnings fell 6.6%, and plans to cut back on their

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Ralph Lauren: Sign of the times?

It's been a milestone year for Ralph Lauren, who has been celebrating 40 years of WASP-inspired fashion, which he has successfully taken all over the world. This should be no surprise, as it's not like Lauren has been quiet about it. Along with a gala event held during fashion week in Central Park in New York, he has had wall-to-wall coverage of his anniversary in almost every fashion magazine on the planet from the ultra-mainstream to the uber-edgy.  I must have seen at least 10 multi-page spreads, celebrating Lauren and his contribution to fashion. To his credit, Ralph Lauren has had something genuinely impressive to celebrate. How many other American designers (or any designer, for that matter) can boast of…

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