Inside India’s Big Fat $38 Billion Wedding Market, Part 2

Rohit Bal and Sonam Kapoor at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 | Source: Rohit Bal

Yesterday, in Part 1, BoF’s editor-in-chief Imran Amed spoke to designers, show organisers, media executives and former brides to learn why weddings are such big business in India. Today, get to know the couture-level designers that cater to the top end of the country’s bridal market, the opportunities for international luxury brands and the forces set to shape the market in the years to come.

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Inside India’s Big Fat $38 Billion Wedding Market, Part 1

A bridal look by Tarun Tahiliani | Source: Tarun Tahiliani

On a recent trip to India to explore the country’s sizable wedding market, BoF editor-in-chief Imran Amed spoke to top designers, show organisers, media executives and former brides to learn why weddings are such big business in this fast-rising country of 1.2 billion people.

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The Creative Class | Bandana Tewari, Editor

Bandana Tewari | Source: Johan Sandberg

PARIS, France — Bandana Tewari has made a name for herself as one of the fashion industry’s smartest commentators. As fashion features director of Vogue India, she has quickly become the go-to source for anyone who wants to learn about the country’s rapidly evolving luxury market. Recently, she was named to Industrie magazine’s Fashion Media A-list, alongside other leading fashion commentators including Cathy

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The Fashion Trail | Modern Mumbai and Lakmé Fashion Week

Bandana Tewari at Lakmé Fashion Week | Photo: BoF

MUMBAI, India – From the minute I landed in Bombay—as everyone here still calls it—the rapidly shifting nature of contemporary India was apparent. Instead of waiting in agonisingly long queues at the airport, I breezed through immigration, customs and bag collection in only 45 minutes. That’s faster than one can make it through most terminals at Heathrow or JFK these days. Outside the airport, cranes building a new terminal towered

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Valli’s Paris emporium, DVF does China, Gilt-edged friendship, eBay buys Brands4friends, Seamless Sabyasachi

Giambattista Valli Store, Paris | Source: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli: “True Luxury Is When Others Come To You” ( “There’s something about Giambattista Valli’s clothes that is so fundamentally optimistic, they’ve got you at hello,” said’s Tim Blanks—and last week, the designer opened his first Paris boutique, in the centuries-old Galerie de la Madeleine.” Diane Von Furstenberg and China: A Perfect Fit? (NY Times) “Today, there are roughly three

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India Fashion Week(s) | Three’s a Crowd?

Prepartion for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, courtesy of PR Pundit

This week on The Business of Fashion we welcome several guest contributors to give us the scoop on recent fashion weeks, the IHT conference and local market trends in India. We’re calling it our own India Fashion Week, but as you’ll see, that might be the last thing India needs. NEW DELHI, India — Bollywood, Cricket and Fashion. Everyday these three topics bring to life the popular culture pages of India’s leading

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Sabyasachi’s plan, Icelandic knits, Lagerfeld’s scents, Vegas luxury, Soaring e-commerce

Fashion needs to change (Emirates Business 24-7)One of BoF's favourite Indian designers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, lays out his approach for the future of the fashion business. A Modern Take on Iceland's Traditional Hand-Knit Look (WSJ)The Icelandic sweater is a source of inspiration for many contemporary designers in Reykjavik's thriving fashion scene. Block Party (WWD)This fall, Karl Lagerfeld is set to launch Kapsule, a unisex collection of three scents that can be mixed and matched. What Happens in Vegas: $9 Billion Mega Project Ups the Ante on Luxury (WWD)In Vegas, the $9 Billion City Center project, slated to open next year has signed a strong roster of luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Soaring online sales defy credit crunch…

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Luxury in India | Not just a cut-and-paste

While China may have the unyielding focus of many Western luxury brands today, many players are already beginning to set their sights on India for the next wave of expansion. But, as global luxury players begin to tentatively test these Indian waters, they are finding that India, which has its own vibrant indigenous cultural scene, may require a different expansion strategy altogether. With Bollywood stars and local Cricket legends that get more attention in India than their Western cultural equivalents, there is no blank canvas in India upon which to paint Western tastes. Locals on the streets of Shanghai and Beijing have, by and large, adopted Western dress, but those in Delhi and Mumbai  are more likely to fuse East…

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New York Fashion Week: Sabyasachi’s talking bout a revolution

Sabyasachi showed his S/S 2008 collection in New York last night to a crowd mixed with New York City-based Indian socialites, important fashion journalists like Laird Borrelli-Persson of and Meredith Melling-Burke of Vogue, and other curious onlookers eager to see what the "Hermes of India" would come up with this season. As Laird told me before the show after she had taken a quick pre-show sneak peek backstage, it was "classic Sabya". He sent out rich Indian fabrics in a deep "revolutionary" colour palette of burnt orange, forest green and indian khaki, cut in classic (sometimes very voluminous) Western silhouettes. Revolutionary symbols from Russia, Cuba and elsewhere accented the clothes, which strummed along to Tracy Chapman and perhaps a…

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Gallery Sumukha: Indian Fashion, Art and Design, London

There has been much talk of India's increasing appetite for Luxury Goods due its rapidly growing upper and middle classes and on-fire economy spitting out growth at 8% per year. New millionaires, it seems, are born in India everyday. Usually, when people discuss how the fashion industry will serve these new customers, the conversation focuses on the Gucci's, Prada's and Chanel's of the world and how they plan to conquer the Indian market. However, anyone who has done business in India will know that navigating the the notoriously challenging Indian business world is not easy. In Indian fashion, it is even more challenging. Darwinian forces and age old Indian cultural patterns  collide with the already flaky and frenetic fashion world.…

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