Looking Back at SXSW Interactive

Madison Square Garden: | Source: Sports Yahoo

AUSTIN, United States — Sometimes described as ‘spring break for geeks,’ the annual SXSW Interactive conference is a 5-day whirlwind of panels, presentations, parties, product launches, ‘hackathons’ and happy hours. This year’s conference was said to have attracted more than 25,000 attendees, ranging from tech entrepreneurs to agency executives, to this progressive Texan city with a budding start-up culture of its own, for what, at

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SXSW Interactive, Here We Come

SxSW at Austin Convention Center | Photo: Brittany Ryan

AUSTIN, United States — “Every year we will continue to see more and more industries succumb to the transformational power of the internet,” wrote entrepreneur and investor Chris Dixon on his personal blog. “Already transformed: music, news, advertising, telecom,” he continued. “Being transformed: finance, commerce, TV and movies, real estate, politics and government. Soon to be transformed: healthcare, education and energy.” As

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