Spring/Summer 2013 | The Season That Was

Hedi Slimane versus Raf Simons, as see by the fashion media | Source: WWD, BoF, IHT and The Cut

LONDON, United Kingdom — Whereas previous fashion seasons were dominated by designer departures, meltdowns and final exits, this season the narrative focused on two of the fashion world’s most celebrated designers, Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane, and their respective ready-to-wear debuts at two of the industry’s most important houses, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. On the first day of Paris Fashion Week, BoF ran

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Digital Scorecard | Because Magazine

Because Magazine Screenshot | Source: Because

LONDON, United Kingdom — Fashion editorial has long been a powerful generator of purchasing intent for brands. But ‘intent generators’ like magazines often lose their fair share of sales revenue to ‘intent harvesters’ like retailers further down the purchasing path. Squeezed by shrinking ad sales, major publishers like Condé Nast have become increasingly aware of this missed opportunity — and more and more

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Creative-Business Partnerships | Team Tank

The potential of creative-business partnerships has long been a topic of interest here at The Business of Fashion. However, the focus to date has been on pairings in the fashion apparel businesses -- high profile partnerships like those of Tom and Dom and Marc and Robert, or emerging success stories like those of Phillip and Wen of 3.1 Phillip Lim and Victoria and Kikka of VPL. I recently came across a partnership from a different part of the fashion business altogether -- but one with equally remarkable results. Over dim sum and jasmine tea, Masoud and Caroline, the creative-business partners behind Tank, told me how they have developed their fledgling magazine business into a full-service creative agency, described their complementary…

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