Introducing ‘Polymaths & Multitaskers,’ Our 2nd Annual #BoF500 Print Edition

Cover of the BoF 500 ‘Polymaths & Multitaskers’ Special Print Edition

Our second annual BoF 500 print edition examines some of the overachieving Polymaths & Multitaskers making outsized contributions to the global fashion industry. It’s not out until September 22, but is available for pre-order now.

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A Landmark Week for BoF

LONDON, United Kingdom — When we first launched our Twitter account back in December 2008, I have to admit I had no idea how BoF would use the nascent social media tool. Naysayers were already dismissing the platform. But as with many things here at The Business of Fashion, we decided to conduct an experiment and gauge the results for ourselves. Well, less than three years later, I am delighted to report that, as of today, our

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Celebrating 5 Years of The Business of Fashion in London

LONDON, United Kingdom — Following our #BoFLOVE party in New York last week, the global BoF community gathered once again on Monday night — this time in London’s Le Baron nightclub — to celebrate our fifth anniversary. With the incredible Alpines in the deejay booth, my lovely co-host Caroline Issa, and a much-needed release following a marathon of shows on the most important day of London Fashion Week, our party in London

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Marking Five Years of BoF

LONDON, United Kingdom — This week marks a very special milestone in the history of The Business of Fashion: our 5th birthday! Back in January 2007, I spent one hundred dollars for an annual Typepad subscription and, with the help of a friend, set up a blog at I called it The Business of Fashion, cobbled together a clumsy looking header in Powerpoint and started jotting down ideas and observations about the

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Vote for The Business of Fashion in the Dazed Digital RAW Blog Awards

LONDON, United Kingdom — As we enter the dog days of August, The Business of Fashion is going to take a holiday. But before we take our little sabbatical, we have a request for you, our loyal readers. We were delighted to learn last week that BoF has been shortlisted for the first Dazed Digital RAW Blog Awards, in the fashion category. The awards have now been opened to a public vote — and the competition is fierce. We are honoured

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The Business of Fashion | We are Dot-Com

The Business of Fashion in Vogue Korea, May 2008

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s been awhile since our last BoF update. The past few months have been busy on our end, so forgive us for a solely BoF-focused post to keep you abreast of all the developments on our side in recent months, and to share a little about things to come in the months to come. We are dot-com: Probably the most noticeable change since our redesign in December is our new domain name:

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BoF Year in Review | Top 10 Articles of 2008

  LONDON, United Kingdom – As we wind down our second year here on The Business of Fashion, I thought it would be interesting take a look back at our most popular articles from the last 12 months in what was quite the eventful year, not only for the Luxury industry, but for the economy as a whole. With more than 200 posts over the course of 2008, we had much to sort through and have chosen these posts based on the highest

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The Business of Fashion | Happy Holidays

Anna E Alex, Jewellery designers, Italy

NAIROBI, Kenya – The best thing about Christmas in the fashion business is that all of the creativity that is usually focused on clothes and campaigns is temporarily fixated on the festive season. In the beginning of an annual tradition here on the BoF, we are delighted to share a selection of some of the most creative Christmas cards and holiday greetings that we have received from around the world. And, to keep you occupied

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