Italy’s little guys, Fashion fortunes, Ford goes sporty, Digital revolution, Schuman on backlash

Gucci Spring/Summer 2013 | Source: The Independent

Italy Today: Creative Flow vs. Cash Flow (IHT) “The big labels packed up their logo luggage and sprinted for Asia a while ago now, relying on a more robust market to support a frenzy of new store openings and to buoy their balance sheets. That leaves the little guys — small, young, independent Italian fashion brands with no mono-brand stores of their own — to struggle along.” Sexy and practical: can Gucci revive

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Modern Chinese, Vuitton’s mystique, Dr Martens bids, The Sartorialist speaks out, Steven Alan

Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 | Source: Twenty2

What the Chinese Want (WSJ) “The rise of microbloggers, the popularity of rock bands with names like Hutong Fist and Catcher in the Rye, and even the newfound popularity of Christmas all seem to point toward a growing Westernization… Consumers in China aren’t becoming ‘Western.’ They are increasingly modern and international, but they remain distinctly Chinese.” LVMH looks to burnish Vuitton

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The Best of BoF | Top 10 Articles of 2011

Scott Schuman | Photo: Garance Doré

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s hard to believe 2011 is coming to a close. It’s been an action packed year in the business of fashion. From the rise of digital to the fall of Galliano, and everything in between, BoF has found itself exploring the heart of an ever-changing fashion ecosystem, fuelled by creativity, digital innovation and globalisation. We are grateful to all of the fashion visionaries, entrepreneurs and

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The Business of Blogging | The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman | Photo: Garance Dore

Scott Schuman’s rise to international blogging fame is well known, but until now he has never discussed his business model in detail. In our latest instalment of The Business of Blogging, BoF gets the exclusive on how The Sartorialist makes bank

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Joys of Joyce, Re-launching Charles Frederick Worth, Zara’s 5000th store, Sartorialist inspiration, Sci-fashion future

Emerald and Diamond "Thread" ring by JAR | Source: Christie's

The Joys of Joyce (Dazed Digital) “Joyce was a pioneer which was the first to bring international designers such as Givenchy, Lanvin, Margiela, and Fendi, amongst other luxury names, to Asia. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Joyce has specially commissioned works of over 50 designers.” 5000th Zara store: Inditex embraces eco-fashion (Fashion United) “Showing off its real aim to embrace the latest eco-trends

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Late Night with Anna Wintour, UK Online sales soar, No partner for Prada, The Sartorialist goes old media

Vogue editor Wintour critiques Letterman's socks (AP) "Wintour, making her first appearance on CBS' "Late Show," made light of her image as an imperious and tough boss, but acknowledged that she is direct with her staff. "Well, I'm very decisive and I try and give very clear direction to the people that I'm working with, and sometimes, unfortunately, they don't hear the answer that they would like to hear," Wintour said." Online sales soar during July (Drapers) "Online sales surged to £4.2bn in July as shoppers showed signs of renewed confidence. According to the latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, July recorded around 15.7% more online sales than June, a 16.8% year-on-year rise." Prada quashes speculation it is seeking a…

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GQ Rules opens a new fashion dialogue

NEW YORK, United States - Openly spreading the latest fashion gospel to an uninitiated crowd has always been anathema to the fashion elite. Until recently, this required fashion media to work a delicate balance between informing the mass public of the latest trends without being too direct as to make those new trends over-exposed and passé. The internet — web 2.0 media and blogs, in particular — has been kicking down doors and fostering greater inclusion in most cultural fields. With fashion, the net has created unprecedented opportunities for fashion pedagogy, making old media look decidedly old-school. So what’s an old media brand to do in this new environment? Men's fashion bible GQ has responded with a web-offshoot called GQ…

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Links | JC Report, Wear Palettes and Tom Fishburne

In the run-up to the Easter long weekend, which has already begun here in London, we thought we'd share some our new favourites for lazy Sunday reading from the ever expanding fashion  and business blogosphere. JC ReportNot technically a blog, but now presented in a blog format, JC Report is one of the leading online authorities for thoughtful fashion content on the cutting edge. We've been working with Jason Campbell, JC Report's charismatic founder, on restructuring the JCR value proposition, launching a newly designed site, and engaging JCR's truly global fashion community. We're delighted with the results: daily news, editorial and intelligence that you can't find anywhere else.  The latest issue, released yesterday, features a denim hunter from London, shopping…

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BoF Recommends | The TED talks

We have recently become addicted to a series of videos from TED -- or, Technology, Entertainment and Design -- an annual conference where passionate people descend on Monterrey, California to listen to other passionate people, each of whom are given 18 minutes to give the talk of their lives. The idea is that the best ideas will spread, by sheer virtue of the combined influence of all of the mavens and connectors in the room. The notion of the idea virus also happens to be at the core of Seth Godin's expertise. Godin gave this prescient talk at TED in February 2003 and declared to the world's leading thinkers: "No matter what we do for a living, we're in the…

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WWD reports today that has concluded an agreement to sell advertising on the Sartorialist blog maintained by Scott Schuman, a former fashion industry staffer who left a fashion sales showroom to create one of the best known blogs in the fashion blogosphere. Women's Wear Daily said: A fashion label may get the best endorsement when its wares show up on a well-dressed city dweller photographed for fashion industry veteran Scott Schuman's popular blog The Sartorialist. But for those who want more direct brand promotion, and will begin to sell ads beginning Sept. 1.... ...The partnership is the first time the CondéNet properties have sold ads for a brand outside the company stable. Schuman's blog, where he posts…

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Fashion Television: Sartorialist, Blogging, Ford and Mentorship

In Canada, many young aspiring fashionistas cut their teeth on Fashion Television (or FT), hosted by Jeanne Beker. I accidentally happened upon the site recently and came across a veritable treasure trove of video content that is relevant to some of the topics recently debated and discussed on The Business of Fashion: Fashion blogging Any regular readers of this blog know that I have been a big fan of the Sartorialist, aka Scott Schuman, since I first came across his site almost two years ago. His was the first blog of any sort to really catch my attention because there was something really powerful about seeing clothes that are styled by real people on the street. It brings the clothes…

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Cathy Horyn: On the runway

Although I don't always agree with her critical opinions, I have really been enjoying reading Cathy Horyn's new blog for the New York Times: On the Runway. Not only does Cathy use a more casual (sometimes downright catty) voice than in her NYT reviews, she has also started to attract a real community of fashion lovers who are engaging with each other (and with Cathy) actively through blog comments. Several characters have started to develop in the "On the Runway" community, including Autre, who has clear and well-stated views on many of the collections that Cathy has reviewed and on her reviews themselves. A veritable online frenzy often ensues, debating everything from Miucca's fabrics and Dries' prints to Stefano's cuts…

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The Sartorialist strikes again

This evening, as I was making my regular rounds of favourite fashion blogs, I spotted a photo of my friend Sarah that was taken by The Sartorialist (for at the Louis Vuitton show on Sunday. In typical Sarah fashion, she has her phone in her hand and was probably busy texting when Scott asked to take her photo. It is also typical of Sarah to look beautiful in the most natural way. Photo courtesy of Scott Schuman for

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