The Spotlight | Maryam Keyhani

Quilya Necklace | Source: Maryam Keyhani

TORONTO, Canada — Artistry runs in Maryam Keyhani’s blood. “There is nothing I can do but to make things with my hands,” she says. “But it is hard to make money from art,” a lesson she learned at the age of 13, going from gallery to gallery to help sell her father’s artwork shortly after she and her family moved to Canada from Tehran. “I wasn’t doing  it for fun, it was for

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The Spotlight | Louise Amstrup

Louise Amstrup S/S 2011 | Source: Louise Amstrup

LONDON, United Kingdom — London Fashion Week continues to be the world’s premier platform for emerging fashion talent. And while Danish-born, London-based designer Louise Amstrup isn’t yet on the official LFW schedule, we think she should be. Last season, Amstrup’s show — sponsored by On|Off, a platform for emerging fashion talent that presented the designer with the Visionary Award for 2010 and has previously showcased designers

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The Spotlight | Jordan Askill

Horse Sculpture | Source: Jordan Askill

LONDON, United Kingdom — Listening to Jordan Askill speak about his intricate jewelry is something like listening to a fantastical storyteller who magically transports you to a mythical, far away land, filled with surprise and beauty at every turn. “I don’t feel there is any reason to create something without a real purposeful story that can at least resonate at some emotional level,” says Askill, a former

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The Spotlight | 1-100 by Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

Graham Tabor and Migel Villalobos | Photo: Miguel Villalobos

NEW YORK, United States — I first met Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos over sushi in New York with our mutual friend Diane Pernet. Then again, it felt like we already knew each other since their smiling faces were often featured on Diane’s blog and she had already told me so much about them. Since then, Graham and Miguel have kept me captivated with their creativity and ideas. A talented photographer and illustrator working

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The Spotlight | Ana Locking

Ana Locking Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 | Source:

MADRID, Spain — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to Spain. Despite a contracting economy, an increase in sales tax and nationwide austerity measures, it turns out that, between LVMH-owned luxury brand Loewe and fast fashion powerhouse Inditex — owners of global brands Zara, Bershka and Massimo Dutti — there’s still room in the market for a young and creative Spanish brand like Ana Locking. Founded in 2008 by Ana Gonzalez, the

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The Spotlight | David David

David David for BoF

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month the BoF Spotlight turns to David Saunders, founder of the eponymous London fashion label David David, whose vibrant graphic motifs have already caught the attention of The New York Times, Dazed & Confused, and even BoF, which included David’s film in our recent rundown of the top fashion films for Spring/Summer 2010. Like many of his East London compatriots, David is an alumnus of Lulu

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The Spotlight | Roberta Furlanetto

Roberta Furlanetto by Susie Bubble | Source: Style Bubble

MILAN, Italy — The words “Made in Italy” have long been the pride of the Italian fashion system. But, in recent years, controversy has erupted as the Italian fashion industry has faced a crisis of confidence. In late 2007, a Rai3 documentary called Slaves of Luxury “revealed a slimy world of underpaid immigrant labour, huge price mark-ups, and what was portrayed to be undue influence from American heavyweights

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The Spotlight | Marco Santaniello

Marco Santaniello T-Skirt | Source: Marco Santaniello

MILAN, Italy — And now for a fun BoF Spotlight post to end your week. We couldn’t resist a bit of colour to spice up the Spring that is finally blossoming. Marco Santaniello‘s pop art portraits of fashion models, editors and the ubiquitous bloggerati caught our attention when we stumbled across his Facebook page a couple of months back. Since then, he has continued to churn out images of the industry’s legends and

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The Spotlight | JUMA

JUMA Inspiration | Source: JUMA

TORONTO, Canada — Following our piece on Vancouver’s Digital Olympics earlier this week, it only makes sense that the BoF Spotlight should focus on the Great White North for our monthly inspiration from emerging designers. This month I turned to long-time friends of BoF, Alia and Jamil Juma. The designer brother-and-sister duo are based in Toronto, not Vancouver, though they have called both cities home. They are of South

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