Celebrating 5 Years of The Business of Fashion

NEW YORK, United States — On Tuesday evening, fashion creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world joined me and the BoF team to celebrate our 5th Anniversary with a birthday bash at the Hotel Americano, co-hosted by Phillip Lim and Julie Gilhart. To be surrounded by so many of our friends and supporters who have helped BoF become what it is today was a very special occasion indeed. So, to mark this important

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Luxury in Chengdu, Tory Burch sets stage for IPO, Unstable spending, Nordstrom’s alias, Andrej Pejic’s story

Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior | Source: Luxuo

Chasing Luxury Dreams – A Tale from Chengdu (Forbes) “It’s one thing that the Chinese government spearheads infrastructure projects such as massive railway development; it’s another thing that it promotes luxury consumption. Yes, that is exactly what the government of Chengdu, a second-tier city in south-west China, has proudly done… According to Chengdu Retail Industry Association, Chengdu is home to 80 percent of international

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Toasting Fred Hayman, Prada IPO over subscribed, Fashion victory, Philip Treacy on Ascot, CSM’s big move

The Fred Hayman Place sign, Los Angeles | Source: Fred Hayman Archives

Fred Hayman: The man behind Rodeo Drive (LA Times) “He’s been called the godfather of Rodeo Drive. And it’s not all hyperbole. Before Beverly Hills was the land of designer logos… Hayman was an architect of luxury in Los Angeles, bringing high fashion, a social shopping atmosphere and white glove service to what was still a sleepy main street when he went into retail in 1967.” Prada IPO five times

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Tory Burch at ‘Home’, Black and White plaids, Temperley back at LFW, Todd Lynn’s Rock ‘n Roll, The Man Repeller

Tory Burch Boutique in Seoul, Korea | Source: Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s Many Second Homes (WSJ) “Business or pleasure? Both. As her empire grows globally, Tory Burch designs each shop differently, but all are inspired by her own home.” Black, White and Plaid All Over (NY Times) “This season has brought plaid of a more restrained stripe just for them: shadow plaids — that is, subtler patterns rendered in blacks, grays and whites. A kind of mash-up of vanguard and

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Tisci’s transgender express, Jones buys Weitzman, Uniqlo sales drop, Burch America’s sweetheart, Katie Eary’s genius

Elie Saab Couture Spring Summer 2010 | Source: Style.com

Tisci’s Trans Europe Express (WWD) “Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci has taken the whole idea of ‘coed fashion shoot’ to another level: The designer is using a transexual among the cast for the house’s fall-winter ad campaign.” Jones Apparel to buy Stuart Weitzman (Reuters) “Jones Apparel Group Inc. said it will buy designer shoe company Stuart Weitzman Holdings for an initial cash payment of

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Tory Burch sells stake, Shiny Media’s demise, Born by Ted Baker, Hermès to Brazil, Swine flu rocks confidence


Tory Burch Sells Minority Stake to Tresalia (WWD) “Tory Burch has found a new partner. After a yearlong search for additional financing, the designer has sold a minority stake in her more than $200 million firm.” To view the video of Tory Burch’s Spring 2009 presentation click here. Shiny Media: my thoughts on its demise (Telegraph) Katie Lee, co-founder of Shiny Media, discusses the rise and fall of the

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Recession spending, Tory Burch’s new store, Chinese consumer anxiety, Engagement bling dips

Recession, Spend They Must: Luxury Shoppers Anonymous (New York Times) Consumers who can afford luxury items are shopping discreetly. Tory Burch’s Quiet Meatpacking Opening (WSJ) Tory Burch opened a Meatpacking District store with very little fanfare. Consumer Anxiety in China Set to Jolt Economy (WWD) According to the WWD, “China’s economy is being hit by the global economic downturn, and its consumers are feeling the

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Everybody’s talking about | Women in the middle

NEW YORK, United States and LONDON, United Kingdom - Some say that during a downturn, there is a flight to the high-end: buy fewer of the more expensive pieces that will stand the test of time and do away with impulse fashion purchases. There is also a rush to discounters: buy the same quantity of goods, but at lower prices which enables consumers to keep the newness factor, albeit at inferior levels of quality. Therefore, it is said, the middle market suffers. Whatever is the conventional wisdom, if recent moves by some of the industry's most successful fashion executives are any indication, there is a significant opportunity to be captured in the middle market, which has lagged in recent years.…

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Tory Burch: Targeting soccer moms and yummy mummies

A few weeks ago, Neri Karra, a professor at the London College of Fashion wrote to me to say she had included The Business of Fashion as part of the curriculum and recommended reading for both her Masters and Undergraduate students of fashion business strategy. Not only this, she kindly invited me to give a short talk to her some of her Master's students, and yesterday, my 30 minute chat turned into a 1.5 hour debate with some very passionate students from around the world, all of whom are interested in the fashion business.  I'd like to thank Neri and her students very much for welcoming me into their classroom and inspiring many so many new ideas for posts here…

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Rodeo and Robertson: Build it, and they will come

After having checked out some of the more up-and-coming areas of L.A, it was time to visit the king and queen of luxury and fashion here: Rodeo Drive and Robertson Boulevard. The most remarkable thing about both these streets is that the stores really are an extension of the brands themselves. In Paris, London and even New York, most brands are constrained by existing building facades and building codes which they must work around as they design their stores. In Los Angeles, it appears that the brands have complete freedom in design, and therefore, if done well, every aspect from the sparkling exteriors, the natural lighting, the size of logos outside the building, and even the dramatic entrances off the…

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Goyard and Tory Burch: 5th Avenue Styletribe, New York

It is cliche to say that New Yorkers dress in uniform, but as with most cliches, there is a kernel of truth to this one that can't be denied. There is also no denying that New Yorkers are stylish, they just tend to be stylish in easily identifiable groups often associated with the areas in which they live and work, ie. Williamsburg hipsters in skinny jeans and hoodies, Wall Street bankers in Brooks Brothers and 5th Avenue ladies who lunch in Chanel. Sure, you could say the same is true for Londoners as there are trends that seem to capture the imagination of Notting Hillbillies, Sloane Rangers and Hoxtonites alike, but somehow these are executed with individual panache that makes…

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