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Tyler Brûlé | Source: The Dapper Dude

Niche specialists will take denim into the future (The National) “The classic five-pocket western jeans may be just that – a classic – but perhaps more consumers are now asking whether they really need another pair. Or, perhaps more precisely – the need to meet some fleeting fad for high-rise or flares or “boyfriend” jeans aside – what makes the next pair special enough to justify the

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BoF Recommends: Monocle, a magazine for the 21st century

Earlier this year, Tyler Brûlé, famous for launching Wallpaper* magazine and for his now defunct Fast Lane column in the weekend Financial Times, launched Monocle magazine, a self-described briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design. In the Brûlé days, Wallpaper* was a large format glossy magazine with a black logo printed on a white cover, with plenty of photos and little text. While it was pretty to look at, you could get through the magazine in less than 20 minutes of page-turning, and the website offered nothing extra -- in fact, it was pretty much an empty shell. Monocle couldn't be more different. It is a smaller format magazine with a white logo printed on a black cover and…

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