Charlotte Olympia Dellal Says Believe in Yourself and Your Product

Charlotte Olympia Dellal | Source: Courtesy

BoF sits down with Charlotte Dellal and Bonnie Takhar to discuss the rise of seven-year-old footwear brand Charlotte Olympia, which blends British wit with Hollywood glamour and, last year, generated over $40 million in revenue.

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The Creative Class | Edouard Roschi, Perfume Developer

Le Labo co-founder Edouard Roschi | Source: Courtesy

Perfume developer Edouard Roschi tells BoF about his role taking perfumes from initial concept to final product, and how, along with Fabrice Penot, he founded and grew niche fragrance brand Le Labo, which was recently acquired by beauty behemoth Estée Lauder.

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