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Halfway Through Fashion Month, Here's an Update on #TiedTogether

Join us as we take this initiative one step further: the more you post, the more money we raise together for the UNHCR and ACLU.
Philip Lim and his team are #TiedTogether | Source: Instagram
  • BoF Team

LONDON, United Kingdom — The #TiedTogether movement launched just two weeks ago and already thousands of people around the world have participated by wearing a white bandana and making a clear statement in support of solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness. We are taking this one step further and raising money for The American Civil Liberties Union and UN Refugee Agency to reach a total of 10,000 #TiedTogether posts on Instagram this fashion month. For each #TiedTogether post, our donors and benefactors will pledge $5 to the #TiedTogether campaign for a target of $50,000.

Our first donor is one of our investors, Carmen Busquets, who has pledged her own funds to the sum of $10,000, equaling 2,000 #TiedTogether posts. Miroslava Duma, Gabriela Hearst, José Neves and more have followed suit, pledging their own funds to support the two charities. Since launching the initiative, users have generated more than 2,000 #TiedTogether posts. It's this simple: The more you post, the more money we raise together.

We also challenge others in the industry to pledge funds — no amount is too small. What actions are you going to take? Visit for more information and read on to see how the industry is spreading the positive message in support of humanity this fashion month.

Francesco Scognamiglio Represents the Movement in Milan (February 22)



Francesco Scognamiglio and models | Source: Courtesy

The designer was #TiedTogether backstage at his Autumn 2017 show, photographed here with models, as Fashion Month continues in Milan.

Peter Pilotto Designers Take a Bow with Bandanas (February 21)


Christopher de Vos and Peter Pilotto | Source: Courtesy

Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto, the designers behind the latter's namesake line, took a bow at the end of their Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show with white bandanas tucked into their back pockets.

Diesel is #TiedTogether to Celebrate #MakeLoveNotWalls Campaign (February 19)


Imran Amed with Diesel's Nicola Formichetti and Renzo Rosso | Source: Courtesy

Diesel launched its Spring/Summer 2017 #MakeLoveNotWalls campaign, photographed by David LaChapelle, on Sunday in London where both founder Renzo Rosso and creative director Nicola Formichetti wore white bandanas in support of the #TiedTogether movement.


"More than ever, love and togetherness is crucial in creating a society we all want to live in," Formichetti told the Evening Standard.

"We need to have the balls to break down barriers in a moment where fear is making the world divided with more walls," added Rosso.

Roland Mouret is #TiedTogether on his Anniversary (February 19)


Roland Mouret takes his bow | Source: Courtesy

Roland Mouret celebrated his twenty year career as a designer, and his first show back in London in a decade, while supporting the movement with a white bandana wrapped around his wrist. "We are all #TiedTogether," he wrote on Instagram.

Emilia Wickstead's Ponytail is #TiedTogether (February 18)


Emilia Wickstead wears her bandana before her runway show  | Source: Courtesy

The designer showed off her white bandana the day of her Autumn 2017 runway show.


Henry Holland Supports the Movement (February 18)


Henry Holland at the House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2017 show | Source: Getty Images

Designer Henry Holland sported a white bandana around his neck as he took his bow after the House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show in London.

Donatella Versace Accessorises with a Bandana at the Versus Show (February 18)


Donatella Versace at the Versus show | Source: Instagram

BoF's Tim Blanks photographed Donatella Versace backstage before her Versus show wearing a white bandana around her wrist in support of the movement.

“I’m optimistic,” she told him, about the current political climate. “This won’t last long. Women are emancipated, it’s impossible to go back. And it’s easier for young people to make a statement of resistance.”

British Fashion Countil Chairman Natalie Massenet and Chief Executive Caroline Rush Speak Out (February 17)


BFC chairman Natalie Massenet and chief executive Caroline Rush | Source: Courtesy

Natalie Massenet, the British Fashion Council's chairman, opened London Fashion Week with an empowering speech about solidarity, unity and inclusiveness. "Creativity, innovation, business and inclusiveness are at the heart of British fashion," she said. "Our schedule comprises designers from many nations. Our businesses are filled with great diversity and our business leaders protect, nurture and promote that fiercely."

Massenet continued: "We applaud The Business of Fashion’s campaign #TiedTogether which invites the fashion industry to stand together and make a clear statement of solidarity, unity and inclusiveness and encourages everyone to get involved through this simple and singular visual statement: wear a white bandana as a sign to the world that you believe in the common bonds of humankind — regardless of race, sexuality, gender, size, religion and ability. We encourage the industry to have a voice, and to show the world that we stand for inclusivity, unity and humanity."

Galeries Lafayette Takes a Stand with #TiedTogether (February 17) The Parisian department store posted an illustration of a bandana on Instagram, framing its iconic architecture. "Under this dome, each year, millions and millions of people from all around the globe gather to celebrate with us the energy of creation. So yes indeed, we are #TiedTogether."

Aimee Song Brings #TiedTogether to the Streets (February 15) Throughout New York Fashion Week, blogger and street style star Aimee Song incorporated the white bandana into many of her highly-photographed looks. "This fashion week, I’ve really been focused on how I can use the position I’m lucky enough to have to make a difference," she wrote on her blog. "You bet I’ll be sporting the white bandana look [in] the rest of my fashion week wardrobe!"

Tory Burch Gifts Bandanas to Guests and Leads by Example (February 14) In addition to providing every guest with a pocket book of love letters or poems, Tory Burch had wicker baskets of bandanas on hand for all her showgoers. The designer set an example by wearing one around her neck

at her showOpens in new window ]


Colette Prints its Own Bandanas (February 14) The Paris concept shop designed its own version of the white bandana, decorated with its signature double dots and #TiedTogether in blue, and is offering them for sale in store and online.

Volunteers at Claudia Li Hand out Bandanas (February 14)


At the Claudia Li show in New York | Source: Courtesy

Volunteers before Claudia Li's runway show handed out 300 bandanas to showgoers at Eyebeam in New York before the Spring/Summer 2017 show.

Phillip Lim and his Team are #TiedTogether (February 13) The designer and his team showed their support for the movement by joining their bandana-wrapped hands in a circle for solidarity, unity and inclusiveness before his runway show.

Prabal Gurung Dedicates His Show to Women with Powerful Graphic Statement (February 12)


Prabal Gurung takes his bow at New York Fashion Week | Source: Getty Images

At the end of Gurung's Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show, models took their final walks in graphic t-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as "We Should All Be Feminists" and "I Am An Immigrant." The shirts were made available for purchase immediately after the show and 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the designer's foundation, Shikshya Foundation Nepal. Each model and the designer paired their shirt with a white bandana.


Bella Hadid on the runway for Prabal Gurung | Source: Getty Images

"To me feminism is not just a trending topic," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I can't speak for anyone else, but having come from where I come from — from Nepal and a single mother who brought us up — it's been my thing since day one. I know that the kind of person I am today is because of a mother like that. We have the platform, we have the audience. We're not living in a normal situation. So I feel passionately about it."

Irene Kim Supports #TiedTogether Outside the Shows (February 12) The model is a favourite of street style photographers, and made sure to show off her white bandana during New York Fashion Week.

Altuzarra Takes a Bow in a White Bandana (February 12)


Joseph Altuzarra at his New York show | Source: Getty Images

The designer emerged at the end of his Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show with a white bandana in his jeans pocket. "Ultimately I'm very proud to be multicultural and to be able to draw from different parts of my life," he told the New York Times. "It's incredibly enriching. Race obviously is a hot topic right now, with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump and the rejection of globalisation. In the last two years or so, I've become more aware of the political climate and my role as a designer.

"A lot of what I’ve been drawing is much more armoured, and I think that’s also what I’m craving for myself. But I think that is what other people are feeling as well. So I hope that if I’m feeling I want things that are more covered, or more protective, that’s something other people will be feeling in six months."

Creatures of the Wind Show Support for #TiedTogether (February 11)


Backstage at Creatures of the Wind | Source: BoF

Creatures of the Wind's Chris Peters and Shane Gabier, whose latest collection was inspired by community and togetherness, embraced the movement backstage at their Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show. The designers and their team wore white bandanas around their wrists and necks.

Angela Missoni Shares #TiedTogether Illustration (February 11) The creative director of Missoni lent her support to the movement by posting an illustration of a series of hands joined in a circle to Instagram.

At Calvin Klein, Front Row Guests are #TiedTogether (February 10)


The Calvin Klein invitations | Source: BoF

The invitation to Raf Simons's debut presentation for Calvin Klein included a branded white bandana and a note encouraging guests to don the accessory at the show.

"I think when you have a voice and you want to have a voice, you cannot just kind of walk around and do your thing. When you have a voice, you should use it," Simons told BoF after his namesake label's runway show during New York Fashion Week: Mens. "You can only speak up, I think, and bring a kind of energy and things that stand against it. I think that's my challenge now."


Naomi Harris wears a white bandana at Calvin Klein | Source: Getty Images

Actors Naomie Harris, Julianne Moore and Ashton Sanders were some of the high-profile attendees to join the movement at the show. "Wearing the white bandana to symbolise inclusion, hope & acceptance," wrote Harris on Instagram.


Julianne Moore at the Calvin Klein show | Source: Getty Images

Zayn Malik Makes a Statement at the Billboard Power 100 Party (February 9)

One day after his girlfriend Gigi Hadid debuted the #TiedTogether movement on the Tommy Hilfiger runway, pop star Zayn Malik — who is also Muslim — wore one around his wrist at a Billboard magazine event in Los Angeles.


Zayn Malik at the Billboard Power 100 | Source: Getty Images

Jonathan Saunders and DVF Support #TiedTogether (February 9)


Jonathan Saunders | Source: Courtesy

Ahead of Jonathan Saunder's first formal presentation as chief creative officer of Diane von Furstenberg, the designer shared an image of himself wearing the bandana. The brand also incorporated it into product images on its Instagram account, calling for solidarity and unity, and writing: "Those who are #TiedTogether, stay together."

For Thakoon, Creativity is #TiedTogether  (February 9) Thakoon and his team supported the movement the day of his Spring/Summer 2017 collection. "It's a very sensitive issue," he told the

AFPOpens in new window ]

. "For me, [the bandana] is really the positive side that one feels when everyone comes together and feels stronger thinking about the diversity, the relationship we have with each other, especially in New York.

"I am an immigrant creator," he continued. "I was born and raised in Thailand, I came here with the idea that America is truly the place where one can be free not only to live but to think, and this has stimulated my creativity. When I say freedom to think, I think there's something in America that makes you a little more rebellious and non-conformist, and that's important when you're creative."

Christian Cowan Creates a #TiedTogether Look on the Runway (February 9)


A model on the runway at the Christian Cowan show | Source: Getty Images

At his first New York Fashion Week show, the designer tied and layered multiple bandanas into a top. It was worn by a model underneath a pink cropped and cut-out blazer. "By wearing a white bandana we show that we are #TiedTogether regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality," he wrote on Instagram.

Tadashi Shoji is #TiedTogether In His Opening Look (February 9)


A model walks the runway at Tadashi Shoji's Autumn/Winter 2017 presentation | Source: Getty Images

The designer incorporated a white bandana into the opening look of his Autumn/Winter 2017 runway show, tying a floral one around the model's upper arm. He wore one himself as he took his bow afterwards. "I am an immigrant and 50 percent of my employees are also immigrants," Shoji told the AFP.

Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid Kick off the #TiedTogether Movement  (February 8)


Tommy Hilfiger's Spring/Summer 2017 runway show | Source: Getty Images

At his "TommyLand" Los Angeles Spring/Summer 2017 show, the designer debuted the movement on the runway. All the models, including muse and collaborator Gigi Hadid, wore a white bandana in the show and waved them triumphantly during the finale. Each bandana was stamped with #TiedTogether.

"Proud to see so many stand [with] BoF to empower unity & solidarity around the world," wrote the brand on Instagram.


Joan Smalls on the runway for Tommy Hilfiger | Source: Getty Images

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