Elsley Court, 20-22 Great Titchfield Street

RAVEN is a talent-first brand-building agency, working across the Fashion, Beauty, Arts and Entertainment industries. We service brands, the media, and our industry collaborators with unique cultural insight, passion, and audience-first thinking. Our dynamic, hyper-connected team are forthright, funny, and completely obsessed with contemporary culture. Our work, our roster, and our own agency identity are underscored by vibrancy, energy, world-class storytelling, and real cultural clout. We work with pioneers: brands and businesses who are, in their own ways, redefining the industry landscape.


Our ‘heartland’ - the central disciplines at our agency - are Communications and Talent Marketing, and the RAVEN team is structured into two distinct workstreams, closely collaborating to deliver clear visions for our brands. Whilst we pride ourselves in excelling at the traditional media relations and talent strategy, our true uniqueness as an agency lies within our ‘beyond comms’ capabilities - from Creative Direction to Digital Strategy, we bring fully-functioning, creative mar-comms solutions to our partners. 


RAVEN is part of the Miroma Group - a collective of agencies spearheading a new-age communications model, operating in 35 markets. Clients across Miroma’s portfolio include Spotify, Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, eBay, Facebook, and many, many more.

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