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  • Arddun Agency2 jobs

    ARDDUN AGENCY is a London-based international wholesale and consulting agency, specialising in womenswear and lifestyle brands. Launched in January 2020 our agency has grown quickly to look after 12 brands that are stocked in the best stores globall...

  • AREA3 jobs

    AREA is a Fashion and Accessories Design Studio based in New York specializing in quality craftsmanship and innovative embellishment. 

  • Arlettie1 job

  • ASB PR Limited1 job

  • Athleta7 jobs

    Athleta is a premium fitness & lifestyle brand, creating performance apparel to inspire healthy, active, confident women & girls.

  • ATP Atelier1 job

    ATP Atelier was born out of the desire to create shoes and bags that couple contemporary Scandinavian design and authentic Italian craftsmanship. We want to challenge the concept of luxury - to make it smart, not redundant. With a sustainable mindset w...

  • Attersee1 job

  • Banana Republic20 jobs

    Banana Republic is a global apparel brand focused on delivering versatile, contemporary classics, with style that endures.

  • BENE.luxic1 job

    BENE.luxic is an international sales and distribution agency to the luxury goods and interiors market. Implementing a consultative approach, our team develop bespoke strategies specific to design houses and luxury brands to elevate profiles, increas...

  • Birger Christensen2 jobs

    Birger Christensen collective is an international fashion house that welcomes talents to scale up fashion innovations together. We are the home of Rotate, and Remain, two unique contemporary brands, that have taken the fashion market by storm.   ...