Technology Director - Lab - Cartier

Brooklyn, United States
26 Jun 2020
10 Sep 2020



Cartier's Retail Innovation Lab in Brooklyn is dedicated to imagining the next generation of Cartier client experiences and retail business operations through the blending of design, technology and human interaction. We are seeking an experienced Technology Director to join our team and lead the Lab's research, prototyping, and experimentation in emerging and established technologies. The role works in partnership with the Lab's Design Director and the Head of the Lab. We're looking for someone who is excited and heavily motivated by technology, interaction & user experience design, creativity & innovation.

About the role

The Technology Director's mission is to leverage emerging & established technologies to create smoothness in the Cartier business; to create enchanting experiences for our clients; and to explore the world outside our walls. These are done in collaboration with the Lab's team of talented designers, strategists, and technologists.

Part of the TD's time will be devoted to collaboration with the Lab team in creatively solving the challenges of the core concept project cycle, and iterating on solutions for the challenges present there (both creative, operational, storytelling etc). This results in high-quality, often physical, proof-of-concept prototypes for an internal audience.

In partnership with the Head of the Lab and its Design Director, the TD will also develop a new process that refines our production of boutique-ready public prototypes which emerge from the core project cycle. After these "Alpha" prototypes are tested in a live environment, the TD will assist with transitioning the project to other Labs and to rollout teams within Cartier North America and International.

Lastly, the TD will direct original technology research in the Lab. As the department director, the TD would locate and tackle solvable problems across the Cartier retail business, or find opportunities in bringing emerging technologies into the Cartier universe in some form, for either creative or operational purposes. In doing this, the TD has a powerful role in determining the best practices for use of technology in one of the world's leading luxury houses, helping it to become an industry leader in sophisticated technology-augmented experiences, and demonstrating an approach to technological craft and nuance that aligns with the Maison's legendary savoir faire in jewelry and watchmaking.

The Lab Technology Director would be a key participant in the Cartier & Richemont innovation community, with in-person summits at global Lab & central locations 2-3x per year.


It is essential that the Lab Technology Director maintain an active individual practice (not just management) and stay informed on emerging technologies and industry developments. Resources will be provided for attending industry events. The successful candidate will have not only a deep and demonstrated knowledge of emerging and established technologies and programming languages, but also a deep EQ with excellent communication skills and an authentic desire for collaboration in a respectful work environment.

The successful candidate will conduct all work in a professional manner and be experienced interacting with a range of profiles, ranging from local community artists to international CEO and executive teams. S/he will also demonstrate prior successes working as an embedded part of a multidisciplinary team or design studio.

  • Minimum 10 years of experience including at least 4-6 years in a leadership role within an active technology research or engineering field.
  • Bachelor or advanced degree in computer science, engineering, software development, creative technology or a related field. Experience in data science/AI & machine learning preferred.
  • Strong proficiency of JavaScript, Node, React, CSS3, HTML5, and related front-end technologies.
  • A solid foundation of prototyping software packages (eg. OpenFrameworks, TouchDesigner, Unity, ThreeJS) and in writing clean and documented code.
  • Versatility and extensive knowledge of hardware configuration and hacking.
  • Ability to create IOT devices with microcontrollers and soldering (Arduino, ESP etc.)
  • Core understanding & skills with Photoshop, Illustrator and knowledge of the wider Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Ability to clearly communicate with both tech teams and non-tech teams.
  • Past experience working with a multidisciplinary team of internal or working with external specialists.
  • Some experience with VR/AR Tools - ARKit/ARCore etc.
  • Capable of expressing Cartier soul and values in the design and behavior of technological experiences.
  • Lean and proactive work attitude, multitasker in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

About the Lab

The Cartier Retail Innovation Lab was founded as a cross-disciplinary team that works to imagine and create the next generation of Cartier's transformative retail experiences-both in and beyond the boutique. It is staffed by a mix of graphic and industrial designers, experience designers, creative technologists, retail strategists and producers.

The project began with the Lab in Brooklyn; Cartier's second Retail Innovation Lab has recently opened in Shanghai. A third Lab in Tokyo will become operational in 2021.