Watchmaker - Richemont

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25 Oct 2020
30 Dec 2020

Diagnose and repair watches

Ensures a high level of intervention to achieve the customer satisfaction

Manages his resources to achieve the goals set in terms of quality, service content as well as promised lead times and profitability

Uses all available means to improve the effectiveness of his service

Respects brands and Richemont technical guidelines

Supports the estimation, interventions and control phases of customer's and stock

Maintains proper environment, equipment, tools, spare part kit boxes


  • Key responsibility 1

    To do watches evaluation on incoming repairs
    To do Quick Service, Maintenance Service and Complete Service on watches ready to repair (Mechanical, Quartz, Automatic, Chronograph and Movements with Complications)
    To do functional checking when issues can't be found
    To provide technical support to admin staff to proceed Customer Estimate
    To report all new technical problems to the team leader or to the technical manager
    To dismantle watches ready for polishing or for repair if required
    To provide quality feedback to brand HQ (where applicable)

  • Key responsibility 2

    Maintain personalized hand-tools and testing equipment in impeccable working condition
    To ensure impeccable cleanliness of the personal working environment
    To participate to the continuous improvement approach.


    Entrepreneurial Spirit: action & results oriented; ability to act decisively
    Customer Focus
    Learning Culture: learning and improving personally on a continuous basis
    Team Spirit: ability to cooperate with RCS team members.
    Engagement and Self-Management
    Communication: Capacity to interact and communicate with others (team, peers, superiors,
    Respecting others: willingness to deal successfully with difficult situations and conflicts - Acts and is perceived as a respected reference- Is able to discuss and influence others in a professional and respectful manner.


Has a good watchmaker skills (training certification, professional experience)

Has a good understanding of his equipment and tools.

Maintains all equipment and tool in optimum working condition, which includes washing, sterilizing and cleaning.

Recommends purchase of same that may improve the effectiveness and service of the service centre.

Promotes the quality in order to avoid repeating errors.