Director of Internal Communications

02 Dec 2020
03 Dec 2020
The goals of the Internal Communications team are that employees understand how they contribute to company success, they are excited about company direction and progress, and they identify with Zalando culture. To achieve this goal, the Internal Communications team focuses on four areas of impact:
  • Telling the Zalando story. As part of the Corporate Communications department, the Internal Communications team tells the Zalando story to those most responsible and influential for its ongoing success and development. The Zalando story is told to this audience through, for example, Management Board communication, and also an array of digital channels and updates. Additionally, the team enables employees not only to understand and identify with the company story, but also to become co-creators of this narrative and contribute to it in their own way whether that be through simply providing a platform or through more curated editorial efforts that highlight positive impact, progress, and opportunity.
  • Positioning the company. We work alongside our department colleagues to proactively position Zalando in relation to larger societal trends such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, innovation, and the future of work. We do so in the knowledge that our key audiences are amongst the most passionate, invested, and capable agents of change when it comes to these larger trends and their potential impact on Zalando.
  • Managing crisis and change. The Internal Communications team directly serves and supports the business. This is especially true during moments of crisis and times of change where coherency and consistency of communication are paramount to ensure business continuity, limit disruption, and reduce risk. In both cases, the team provides strategic consultation and resources for stakeholders to quickly create the necessary clarity and confidence for key audiences.
  • Improving company communication. The Internal Communications team supports and strengthens the culture of open and proactive communication within Zalando. Whether through, for example, leadership enablement, zLife mastery, or close project support, we empower the organization to share information in ways that reach and resonate with the right audiences at the right time.

    • Leading a team of internal communication generalists with a focus on hire, develop and manage. The team consists of 8 team members: 1 Senior HR Expert, 2 Experts, 1 Senior Manager, 4 Managers
    • Working closely with the Director Media Relations and other externally facing teams like Employer Branding and Marketing to align the either proactive or reactive response to Crisis moments (e.g. Zonar gate, racism allegations etc.)
    • Proposing, aligning and delivering the Management Board annual internal communication plan including All Hands, Ask Us Anything sessions etc.
    • Coordination of confidential org changes at executive level (MB, SVPs) and proposing respective written copy
    • Copywriting & speech writing for Management Board (internal announcements, ad-hoc statements on value discussions etc)
    • Gatekeeper for internal company information on reorganizations, change projects, M&A projects: connecting the dots and ensuring that messages are aligned to our culture, consistent and amplified by employee leads
    • Coaching Senior Leaders to deliver delicate communication in an authentic, trustworthy way
    • Resource planning for the IC team and aligning with other internal Zalando teams like Media Relations, Corporate Brand Communications, P&O, Sustainability and D&I team, etc.

    • Bilingual German/English language skills
    • Experience communicating on sensitive D&I matters, for example BLM or racism allegations
    • Staying level-headed in crisis moments and take the lead to align resources as needed
    • Role model default to transparency and inclusivity first and always