Senior Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

£55,000-£65,000 + opportunity to earn Ordinary Shares and own a stake in Vivida's future success.
20 Feb 2021
20 Mar 2021
Contract Type
Full Time

Vivida’s Senior Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager will drive, own and operate all things E-commerce & Digital Marketing in the Vivida Lifestyle world. We are looking for a leader to embrace being the 'nucleus' - somebody who will act and think like a general manager for this department.

This role will be integral in commercialising the Vivida Lifestyle brand by accelerating ecommerce growth all while staying aligned & true to our brand values & deeper purpose. This role marries creative with commercial, curating our brand story to engage, to increase traffic & to increase sales for the long-term development of the business.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated and capable of thriving in a growth-focused, start-up style environment. You are a self-starter that’ll take initiative to strategise, plan, research and model, but most importantly you’ll also embrace rolling up your sleeves and making things happen yourself. Over time, you will spearhead building and developing Vivida's world class team of digital marketeers.



· This is a remote position. Our current management team works remotely from the south of UK and Oregon (USA).



Leadership & Strategy:

Drive campaigns to proactively generate awareness, growth, conversions and retention

Define, shape, and implement a longer-term marketing & ecommerce strategy to exceed company objectives and proactively seek opportunities to drive incremental growth, in terms of sales and also fulfilling the deeper brand mission.

Drive consumer insights & analytics. Spearhead the sharing of these learnings with the rest of the business, to provide a clear picture of our customer. Accountable for data and evidence-based activities to scale long-term growth and ensure profitability. Champion our business to take inspiration from our purpose and from our customer’s drivers and barriers, not backwards from gimmicks and fads.

Research and analyse market trends, demographics, pricing strategies, competitor products, and other relevant information to form marketing strategies.

Collaborate and influence cross-functionally with all departments to ensure cohesion.


Responsibilities: E-commerce

· Accountable for web sales and commercial targets

· Be the Vivida ecommerce expert and nucleus

· Set visions and clear roadmaps on how to achieve business goals & KPIS

· Provide strategic insights and recommendations to increase website performance, conversion rates, sales, and customer experience.

· Provide weekly reports for team with holistic summaries of performance and takeaways considering all device types, marketing programs, merchandising strategies, and promotions

· Provide quarterly deep-dive analysis of the ecommerce business & establish KPIs

· Continuously review product page & sales performance, reworking content and promotional plans as required to drive sales and engagement, identifying the best way to present features and benefits to end-users

·  Ensure appropriate visual merchandising of the website, considering UX, as well as the maintenance of sold-out & pre-order products

· Responsible for CRM strategies focussing on engagement & retention

· Identify key technologies & areas for improvement for the customer journey, UX & conversion funnel to refine customer acquisition and retention

· Troubleshoot issues as and when they may arise across all ecommerce channels

· Manage segmentation of customer data

· Be in charge of the Dropbox organisation of all Ecommerce assets & content (eg. photo & video)

· Drive market and consumer research to determine best technology roadmap


Responsibilities : Digital Marketing:

· Consistently optimise strategy across existing and new digital / performance marketing channels (paid social, paid search, email, affiliate, web and mobile)

· Activate best practices in digital marketing across functions: SEO/SEM, Performance Marketing, Paid Social/Media, organic Social, data/analytics/tools, web and mobile UX, landing page and conversion optimisation, etc

·  Optimise full-funnel customer journey and leverage data to unlock growth opportunities

· Clearly communicate results against goals to team

· Manage acquisition strategies to attract quality traffic and exposure for our website, managing the marketing budgets to ensure efficient ROAS

· Continually analyse ROIs, KPIs and metrics across digital marketing channels and platforms, keeping on top of seasonal updates. Reallocate budgets and media mix based on results, share insights and prioritise workflow

· Review opportunities for digital advertising initiatives and affiliate partners

· Approve and oversee the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects



· Understanding of the Vivida Lifestyle soul & magic - appreciation for the values & purpose, understanding & appreciation for what makes us more than a brand.

· 7+ years working in E-commerce / Digital Marketing / Strategy with extensive knowledge & experience acquired in Shopify, SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, reporting & insights, store management, web development management

· Experience in mentoring & building out teams, and a track record of driving online growth for a fashion, lifestyle, sportswear or premium consumer goods brand

· Experience with and strong command of a DTC ecommerce environment

· Organised, flexible, and hands-on mentality; skilled at assessing priorities based on impact, level of effort, and bandwidth

· Excels at critical thinking and effective decision making; balances long-term goals with short-term needs

· Highly analytical and data driven; motivated by growth opportunities

· Assumes ownership, drives results and innovation; anticipates and overcomes challenges

· Great balance between sales & analytics / art & creative.

· Entrepreneurial mindset with experience in working in a small team, comfortable with remote working. Self-starter who also excels in self motivating environments.

· A creative problem solver who proactively identifies roadblocks, demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on all areas of responsibility

· Excellent interpersonal and communication skills - strong habit of listening, motivating & praising/uplifting people. Like flowers, if you flourish them, they flourish.

· Enjoys working in a highly collaborative 'best idea wins' environment to execute whilst also juggling multiple priorities.

· Strong data interpretation & communications skills; proven ability to summarise and present complex findings clearly and concisely.

· Aware that our future success is just as dependent on what ‘opportunities’ we are going to say no to (distractions) as what we’re going to say yes to. 

· Has a strong visual design accumen

· Active/swimwear/apparel/sustainable fashion industry exposure, start-up experience, remote work experience, a good sense of humour…

· Passion for watersports, empowerment, wellness, lifestyle, nature, the great outdoors, the animal kingdom, sustainability.



· Flexibility of remote work so you can have a work/life balance

· Take pride in being part of a project that is truly out to make good things happen in the world

· No micro-managing here. When we hire you, we trust your expertise and skills – we believe in you and support you in achieving your goals with full ownership & accountability

· We support our employee’s wellbeing and want each person to be their best selves when they come to work each day – let us know what that means for you. Need an afternoon bike ride or surf session to feel rejuvenated and motivated – go for it!

· As the company grows, so too will your opportunities – the sky is the limit! A place to truly forge your own path and be an integral part of Vivida’s exciting journey ahead



Competitive salary + exciting opportunity to earn Ordinary Shares.



The Vivida Lifestyle exists to inspire & empower one another to unlock our full potentials & live our best & healthiest lives doing what we love. Vivida Lifestyle was initially created as a purely passion-driven project, serving as a reminder & daily inspiration to live life to the fullest - always striving to find connection to & appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us. Our name, derived from ‘Viva la Vida’, is the basis of our philosophy in all that we do, support, & create. Our sportswear & gear is built to enhance your adventures, with travel-friendly, eco-conscious & built-for-you quality & style.

From humble beginnings of garage storage, our founder & his mum personally packaging & posting every order, to now being on track for £1.6M annual revenue, Vivida has come incredibly far. Vivida is no longer just a vision. It’s a reality with a momentum of its own. It’s not a story, a strategy, or an image with a manufactured message or purpose. Vivida is real. Those who know it, feel it, & keep coming back for more. Just as brands before us have pioneered new approaches to emerging markets & trends, so too will Vivida, at this perfect intersection of consumer awareness, a deep need for authenticity, sustainability, wellbeing & happiness… as a lifestyle.

To take our Vivida story to the next level, we’re not looking to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we’re looking to hire smart people, so they tell us what to do.

Above & beyond your skillset & track history, what matters most to us is your character & your attitude. We’re a family dedicated to building the best workplace culture possible. If you share our vision of positively impacting the world, Vivida Lifestyle could be the dream place for you...