Creative Content Producer

Orseund Iris
Brooklyn, New York
Salary based on experience
23 Apr 2021
23 May 2021
Contract Type
Full Time

Creative Content Producer at Orseund Iris,  a non-seasonal fashion and lifestyle label based in New York.

As Creative Content Producer and Manager, you will be responsible for making content daily for all social media channels  including Instagram Reels, TikTok and Pinterest while at the same time casting and coordinating bigger editorial shoots for e-commerce. 

The key to your success will include analyzing the data from our website to strategize for daily shoots, helping to feature our new and existing styles in all sizes and color ways.

This role will also have you coordinating and managing all photo shoots, both micro and larger, e-commerce shoots while helping to select and organize all website and social media content for Orseund Iris. 

Role & Responsibilities

Coordinates shoot projects with the Founder & Creative Director, Brand Art Director and Social Media Marketing Manager. 

Directs, shoots and produces all editorial and micro-photo shoots for the brand under the creative vision of Lana Johnson, owner and founder of Orseund Iris. 

Works with accounts payable to make sure all models, influencers and expenses are paid in a timely fashion. 

Responsible for assisting in the planning, the making and the pre and post production of all shoots, including the selection of photos and videos for:

  • Orseund Iris website
  • Orseund Iris Weekly/Monthly Newsletter
  • Instagram Feed, Stories, Highlights, Reels, TikTok, Red Book, WeChat and all other social platforms.

Production Responsibilities 

  • Meets with the team for a creative brief before each shoot.
  • Takes notes and brainstorms to assist in making the shoot communicate the mood desired by the designer.
  • Scouts and hires models and influencers and secures locations for each shoot.
  • Negotiates best rates with models and location owners to stay with shoot budget.
  • Plans out every last detail of the shoot with designer, under her. creative direction.
  • Organizes the entire shot list, the assistants and associates who will be needed on set, directing them to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Plans and manages the schedule and all tools and equipment needed for the shoot, renting  buying and returning items when needed and within budget.
  • Producing the highest standard of inspirational and aspirational photography and video highlighting Orseund Iris designs.
  • Coordinates everyone involved in the shoot making sure that everyone understands their responsibilities for the day.
  • Responsible for setting up and breaking down  the shoot in the most professional manner and without any issues.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sorting, packing, steaming all styles to be included in the shoot with the help of an assistant, but also ready to do “whatever it takes” to get the very best content.
  • Borrowing, loaning or purchasing accessories (from head-to-toe) with a plan for each look as per the designer's vision.
  • Organizing the makeup, hair and other professionals needed on the shoot for the models and influencers.
  • Selecting and ordering food & beverage for everyone on set.
  • Sorting, packing and being able to work all equipment including cameras, laptops, iPads, monitors, lighting and props for the shoot.
  • Managing the flow of work and model/influencer changes ensuring that the team stays on schedule and the model/influencer within their paid agreement.
  • Create and  track a budget while working with accounts payable to ensure that everyone on the team is paid in a timely fashion and that also includes freelancers and professionals hired for the shoot. 


Daily Content Production and Management Responsibilities

You will also be shooting both photos and videos daily. Sometimes with assistants and micro-influencers and sometimes alone. Once the content has been created you help manage that content by:

  • Editing and selecting the top photos and videos for the designer to choose from and organizing the content in folders on Dropbox. 
  • Communicating all invoices that need to be paid with accounts payable and in-house legal for contracts/agreements. 
  • Organize Orseund Iris Content Library with all current and usable content on Dropbox by Style, color and size (content on the studio computer and on different phones).


  • You have the ability to work alone and with a team while taking control and diplomatically making everyone feel at ease and ready to produce amazing content.
  • You are an amazing story teller and you have remarkable iPhone video and photo skills. 
  • Understand what type of content works on all social media platforms and can independently shoot and video on an iPhone and a DLSR camera like a professional.
  • Can set up lighting and tech to ensure a smooth shoot with no issues.
  • Directs the team well so the social media manager can capture the best BTS content and all assistants know precisely what is expected of them before, during and after the shoot.
  • You have an eye for the Orseund Iris aesthetic and can interpret Lana’s vision into something aspirational and inspirational. 
  • Ability to shoot video and photos with an iPhone on your own capturing BTS at the studio.


  • Access to Orseund Iris Dropbox
  • Orseund Iris Content Phone
  • Camera, TriPod, Gimbal, Lighting, etc
  • Google Sheets for budgeting




Salary based on experience +

  • 75% of health insurance benefits paid by Orseund Iris (25% paid by you)
  • An option to participate in a 401K plan
  • 7 paid vacation days per year
  • 5 paid sick/personal days per year
  • 5 hours of paid volunteer time per month
  • $75 towards fitness membership/classes per month
  • $127 in commuter benefits per month
  • $2,400 in trade at wholesale for OI styles per month
  • A remote/studio schedule. 







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