Lead/Staff Software Engineer, Infrastructure Security (Remote, Americas)

United States
24 Nov 2021
11 Dec 2021
The Trust & Security Org's mission is to ensure that Shopify becomes and continues to be a globally trusted platform and company.We're looking for strong, forward-thinkingLead Infrastructure Security Engineers(also referred to as Staff Engineers) to use their expertise and passion to multiply the overall output of their development team.As a technical leader, you'll help drive your team's vision to its implementation. You and the team will design and build technically innovative solutions that empower all teams at Shopify to build powerful,resilient, and secure distributed cloud software. Merchants that depend on Shopify for a highly scalable, performant, and reliable platform benefit directly from the work you do. You will maintain a high bar for quality and lead and mentor other engineers. And of course, you'll be hands-on in the code andcontribute technically.

It likely goes without saying, but Software Engineers in the Trust & Security Orgcarry a huge amount of responsibility for the success of our company, and our opinionated products are the foundational internal technology that make every Shopify employee and project more impactful and more trustworthy.

Our Technology stack:
  • Falco: A cloud native Intrusion Detection System that gives us full visibility into what our workloads are doing.
  • Google Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service so we can focus on our apps instead of computer hardware.
  • Kubernetes: Shopify runs on Kubernetes. This provides many advantages like security constraints, auto-scaling, fault tolerance, and much more.
  • Terraform: Declarative configuration for all of our infrastructure.

Check out what's been keeping the team busy:
  • Bringing code signing to the cloud through Binary Authorization and contributing these efforts back to the community
  • Our in-house built just-in-time permissions management system clouddo
  • Utilizing Falco for intrusion detection in containers
  • Securing Shopify's PaaS on GKE
  • Securing the Software Supply Chain
  • COUNTERMEASURE 2017: Infrastructure Security 2.0
  • Keyless Entry: Securely Access GCP Services From Kubernetes


What you'll do as a Lead Software Engineer on the Infrastructure Security Team at Shopify:
  • Your focus will be building security at Shopify. Our scale is massive - Shopify powers over 1 million merchants in over 175 countries worldwide
  • You will have influence and will contribute to the overall strategy of our Infrastructure Security team. It isn't easy, but that's one of the reasons we find it particularly rewarding
  • You will lead the designing and building out of security for merchants globally. We're building out some of the most innovative cloud platform security around (we'd love to tell you more!)
  • Approach our work from a place of empathy and enablement to Shopify's ambitions

Experience, qualities, and skills that are important for success in this role:

We know securing every flavour of infrastructure is a lot to ask, and you don't need to have deep experience in all of the technologies we use to apply. We've mapped out some of the different paths you could have taken to get where you are today.

If your background is more aligned with infrastructure, architecture, or operations work, we're looking for experience like:
  • Strong systems administration (you're able to talk about the differences between virtual machines, Docker and Linux containers).
  • Building a robust monitoring, logging, and alert management systems.
  • Architecting and building solutions for problems such as: least-privilege permissions management and secrets management.
  • Securing containerized applications using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

If your background is more aligned with software development, building out tooling, and automation, we're looking for experience like:
  • Strong programming foundations (we use a lot of Ruby and Go, but we believe that good programmers can work in any language).
  • Building and rolling out tooling to help developers deploy secure software with the least friction possible.

Regardless of the path you took to get here, some key things apply across the board!
  • Act as a technical leader for the team and a mentor to other security engineers.
  • Great problem solving skills. You like a good puzzle, and aren't too attached to any given solution.
  • Long-term architectural thinking. You can simultaneously keep the desired end-state in mind, while optimising current processes and practices as we move toward that goal.
  • Enthusiasm for remote collaboration.

Bonus experience:
  • Systems security-related hobbies. You've played CTFs/war games or solved similar security puzzles. You know what binary exploitations are, how shell injections work, and how to secure a system. You might not have time to participate in these activities now, but you certainly enjoyed them in the past.
  • A love of all things Security Operations. Complex systems and software are where your brain thrives. You excel at finding and fixing security concerns and weaknesses in them
  • Intimate understanding of logs and their usefulness. You know that the information is there, and you always want to make it more discoverable (e.g. building usable alerting and reporting pipelines).
  • Experience with any of the following: Kubernetes, Terraform, Vulnerability and Patch Management, Identity and Access Management, Incident Handling and Response.
  • Contributing to the open source community (e.g. kubeaudit, voucher, krane).

We know that looking for a new role can be both exciting and time-consuming, and we truly appreciate your effort. Sam is an actual real live person (👋🏻) and is looking forward to learning more about you through your application. And remember, we want to know what you're really interested in building and why you want to build it at Shopify, so please give us as much detail on this as you'd like in the answers on the next page. 👍 📖

Shopify is now permanently remote, and working towards a future that is digital by default. Learn more about what this can mean for you: https://www.shopify.com/careers/work-anywhere

Our belief is that a strong commitment to diversity & inclusion enables us to truly make commerce better for everyone. We encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities, and/or people with intersectional identities. Please take a look at our Sustainability Reports to learn more about Shopify's commitments to our communities, and our planet: https://www.shopify.com/about/environment#SustainabilityReports

At Shopify, we understand that experience comes in many forms. We're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team - so if your experience is this close to what we're looking for, please consider applying.


Interested, but not ready to apply?

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