Senior Backend Engineer

Santa Monica, California
18 Feb 2022
25 Oct 2022
FIGS is in the process of transitioning our platform from completely using Shopify to one that uses Shopify as a payment processing and order processing platform. We need to build out services for managing everything else from, internationalization and localization, to product recommendations, to account management.

We are a Ruby and Node.js shop, with an emphasis on using Ruby on Rails for critical e-commerce services. Our backend services are a mix of Typescript on Node and Ruby on Rails and use a mix of REST and GraphQL.

Our front-end experience is a server-side rendered Next.js React site built with Typescript and modern React (16+). We use Shopify to manage our shopping cart and checkout process. All of our custom services are dockerized and deployed on AWS using EKS. We use CircleCI as our build and integration platform. We use Datadog and Pagerduty for our monitoring setup.

While our base stack is evolving there is still plenty of room for it to grow. Think one of our services should be re-implemented in Go? Let's debate. Want to implement a PWA architecture to help us cache data client-side? Let's explore. Want to rewrite our site's build and deployment process in Haskell? No. We have limits.

What you'll do:
  • Work as an engineer on projects with a small team or independently as we grow
  • Partner with our product and engineering teams to brainstorm creative solutions to address business challenges
  • Build scalable, maintainable, and performant backend services
  • Build and maintain services that help us integrate and aggregate core e-commerce data from our various internal and vendor platforms
  • Improve our operational efficiency by automating core processes
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback via code reviews
  • Work with fellow engineers to maintain the quality, readability, and integrity of our codebase
  • Participate in on-call schedules and writing reliable code so that none of us never have to be called

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience
  • 3-5+ years experience building and consuming REST and/or GraphQL based-services
  • Extensive knowledge of one or more modern programming languages. (e.g., Ruby, Python, Golang, JavaScript/Typescript, Java, C/C++)
  • Experience working with SQL or other relational databases
  • Strong computer science and software design fundamentals
  • A preference for TDD-style development over YDD (YOLO driven development)
  • Awareness of common cloud security vulnerabilities and how to avoid them
  • Demonstrated ability to architect scalable and maintainable service-oriented infrastructure

Bonus points for:
  • Experience working alongside Shopify, Spree, BigCommerce or other e-commerce platforms
  • Experience working alongside fulfillment and warehouse management platforms
  • Experience with Docker, Terraform, Shell and other standard tooling
  • Experience setting up CI/CD build processes and pipelines
  • Experience working with content management systems, especially Contentful

Other must haves:
  • Desire to learn: We build solutions to problems. We are not looking for specific experience with our tech stack—just the willingness and sufficient experience (with an equivalent stack) to pick it up fast.
  • Excellent communication skills: We rely on direct communication between our engineers and product managers. An ability to read requirements, identify edge cases, and clearly document your engineering decisions will be crucial to your success and the team's as well.
  • Collaboration: we work in small cross-functional teams and as individual engineers. We are not afraid of challenges and working together to tackle them.
  • Positive attitude: we are self-starters who love to solve problems with technologies

A little bit about us...

The medical apparel industry is antiquated, highly fragmented and, until FIGS, was driven solely by low-cost providers offering a limited selection of poor quality products sold through third party distributors. FIGS is revolutionizing the medical apparel industry by creating the highest quality medical apparel in the world and by selling directly to medical professionals through our branded ecommerce site.

FIGS' foundation is built on product quality, and we have a relentless focus on three key areas: fabric, fit and function. We developed our proprietary, performance-oriented fabric technology to meet the demands of the medical profession. FIGS' Technical Collection fabric is wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable and offers four-way stretch. Our designs are tailored, sophisticated and innovative, incorporating features such as yoga waistbands, smart storage (pockets, zippers, hidden pockets) and inspirational sayings inside each garment that appeal to modern healthcare professionals.

By offering a branded and customer-centric online shopping experience, we are changing how medical professionals buy their workwear. Through our website, social media, and participation in medical conferences and events, we have built a strong following within the medical community and a meaningful connection with our customers, which allows us to understand their needs and to ensure that FIGS is continuously improving and innovating.

FIGS' Threads for Threads initiative is central to our mission. FIGS has donated hundreds of thousands of scrubs to healthcare providers in need around the world.

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