Plug-In Graduates 2022 - Fall Edition - FARFETCH

PT Flexible Office Location
17 May 2022
26 Jul 2022
Part Time
The Plug-In Graduates Programme was launched 7 years ago, and its success has been increasing year over year. With retention rates of over 90% and incredible feedback from all of our Trainees, the Programme is going into its 8th edition in 2022. After a successful edition starting in April, we're welcoming another class of graduates in September, in our Portuguese offices in Porto, Lisbon, and Braga. This is an incredible opportunity for recent graduates in areas like Technology, Product, Data and Operations to start their careers in a challenging, revolutionary, and truly global environment. Throughout this Programme, our Trainees will have the chance to learn fast and take on big challenges, while receiving the right tools and support to grow and thrive at FARFETCH!

How to apply?

Submit your application by selecting "apply" below and upload your CV. You can see below the full list of open positions available - make sure you are suitable for one of the open roles. In a further stage, you will have the chance to learn more about each position and select your preferences. Check out our FAQs to get a full understanding of the hiring process and selection criteria. If you are successful, be ready to join the team at FARFETCH in September 2022!

What are we offering:

    • A 6-month professional internship starting in September 2022
    • The opportunity to make a real impact on an entire industry
    • A structured plan that is engaging, challenging and meaningful
    • Integration in a team, with a specific role, challenges and goals
    • The chance to be part of a passionately collaborative community, that welcomes difference and empowers individuality
    • A truly global experience with on-the-job training and mentorship
    • The opportunity to grow your professional and personal network, with social events throughout the program

We are looking for:

    • Recent graduates with complete tertiary educations in STEM areas, particularly Engineering and Computer Science
    • People with less than two years of professional experience
    • Fluent English speakers
    • Motivated and eager to learn

What positions can you apply for:

    • Trainee Software Engineer - Back End (Porto, Braga)
    • Trainee Software Engineer - Front-End (Porto, Braga)
    • Trainee Mobile Engineer - iOS (Porto, Braga)
    • Trainee Infrastructure Engineer (Porto)
    • Trainee Database Infrastructure Engineer (Porto)
    • Trainee Application Security Analyst (Porto)
    • Trainee Integrations Engineer (Porto)
    • Trainee Test Engineer (Porto)
    • Trainee Product Manager (Porto, Lisbon)
    • Trainee Business Analyst (Porto)
    • Trainee Product Operations (Porto)
    • Trainee Data Analyst (Porto, Lisbon)
    • Trainee Data Scientist (Porto)
    • Trainee Service Manager (Porto)
    • Trainee Process Analyst (Porto)
    • Trainee Application Specialist (Porto)
    • Trainee Product Design (Lisboa)

Equal Opportunities Statement:

    • FARFETCH is an equal opportunities employer ensuring that all applicants are treated equally and fairly throughout our recruitment process. We are determined that no applicant experiences discrimination on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age, gender identity, ancestry, sexual orientation, veteran status, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. We continue to build our consciously inclusive culture as part of our Positively FARFETCH strategy throughout our business, partnerships and communities.

Applications are now open for Farfetch Plug-In Graduates 2022 - Fall Edition!

Apply now if you are a recent graduate in areas such as Technology, Product, Data or Operations and want to kick start your career in a challenging, revolutionary, and truly global environment! We have many different opportunities mainly in Porto, but also in Lisbon and Braga.${description2}

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