Manager I, Tooling

Dongguan, China
07 Nov 2022
08 Jan 2023
Full Time
Position Summary:
1. Responsible for tooling management throughout all development and production stages. Develops molds considering efficiency, lead-time, and quality to meet the needs of the Brands and end users in alignment with business strategies.
2. Develop and implement tooling and manufacturing technologies and processes that improve innovation, efficiency and consistency (e.g. tooling construction, development process, assembly processes, bonding systems, trimming stations, etc.) of the footwear development and manufacturing process in collaboration with selected L1, L2, and mold vendors.

Job Duties:
Mold related
1. Weekly mold status updates to PD, Industrialization and Planning Team.
2. Perform initial and ongoing mold reviews with Asia PD and mold factories.
3. Deliver documentation offering a critical analysis and suggestion for correcting errors
4. Participate in start-up meetings to assist developing the best design for manufacturability
5. Utilize most advanced techniques available such as Mold-flow analysis prior to finalize Mold design and create report
6. Follow up and keep track of mold timelines and highlight possible delays
7. Constant internal contact with Development, Mold shops and Factory
8. Driving standardization processes for Lead-time reduction and Cost savings
9. Tracking raw material prices for different alloys used for mold making

Tooling Development related
1. Provides proposals for construction, cost, and ease of manufacturing which do not detract from the overall product aesthetics or quality.
2. Ensures all materials are ordered to specification and match the color, grade, and expected outcome on the final product.
3. Identify key areas of improved process and opportunities for improving product as well as delivering all tooling as requested from the Brand Product Development Team
4. Manages and ensures that all critical material testing has been completed on time for all prototype milestones.
5. Closely monitors all Buy Ready requirements to ensure tooling is ready for the customer and also clears all pending issues in a timely manner.
6. Reviews all tooling prior to Product Development & Manufacturing Teardowns.
7. Work with the brand to understand costing challenges, provide ways to connect development to cost, reduce overall seasonal increases by making proposes (not just cheaper material or supplier suggestions) and building product to the expected product retail and target FOB.
8. Track materials via factory resources to ensure the material is received on time and matches spec and pantone.

1. College degree in Engineering or Industry related field is preferred
2. Minimum 10 years tooling experience in Footwear industry (development experience an advantage)
3. Presentation skills and knowledge of mold and development processes
4. High level of product materials and technical mold knowledge is necessary as well as great "Product Eye"
5. Knowledge of part making efficiencies and cycle times.
6. General knowledge/skills of mold making and industry standard grading rules.
7. General knowledge of molds/bottom checking to find potential issues during pre-production trial for new developments.
8. Good command of English and Chinse language and excellent communication skills
9. Good computer skills in Windows operating environment (Office, Word, Excel, etc.).
10. Advanced computer skills in 2D / 3D software and / or output interpretations.
11. Ability to create presentations in PowerPoint for senior management.
12. Travelling to remote factories is required