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29 Oct 2023

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About Allude Cashmere: 

Founded in 1993 by Andrea Karg, Allude began as a love story between our Creative Director and her favorite luxurious material: cashmere. Today, we stand as a market leader in luxury cashmere knitwear globally. At Allude, every piece embodies soft, sensual wearable architecture with a minimalist yet deeply comforting approach. For us, cashmere represents a serious commitment to luxury. It's our aim to make luxury responsible and sustainable. Our dedication to ethics, integrity, and ideals remains unchanged from 1993 to 2023. 

Role Overview: 

As our Content Creator, you will collaborate intimately with our Marketing Team and Creative Director, Andrea Karg. Your primary focus will be on crafting and implementing content across various social platforms, ensuring our tone and brand image is consistently upheld. This role is ideal for someone passionate about fashion, luxury, and cashmere, with a penchant for storytelling, styling, and editing, coupled with strong social media expertise. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Text & Copywriting: 

Deliver compelling texts that convey our brand essence and stories. 


Produce stunning images that highlight the essence of our brand. 

Display expertise in camera usage and image editing. 


Generate both short and long-form videos that echo our brand narrative. 

Mastery over recording equipment and video editing tools. 

Graphic Design: 

Design visually captivating content. 

Skilled use of design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. 

Community Development: 

Foster and engage our online community, ensuring loyalty and active participation. 

Influencer Role & Personal Branding 

Act as a brand ambassador, embodying and portraying the Allude Cashmere ethos and aesthetic.  

Feature in content pieces, whether it be photoshoots, videos, or other brand materials, becoming a recognizable face for our brand 

Host live streams on our social media platforms, engaging with our audience in real time, answering their queries, showcasing products, or discussing the latest in luxury and fashion. 

Cultivate an authentic connection with our audience by sharing personal experiences related to our brand, products, and the world of luxury fashion. 

Share the story behind the brand, products, and your personal journey, weaving narratives that resonate with our target audience. 

Cross media Concepts: 

Innovate creative concepts that bolster our marketing strategies across various media platforms. 

Social Media Management: 

Actively nurture our social media presence, enhancing reach and engagement. 

Craft an Instagram strategy aligned with our brand image, curate 35-40 posts monthly, and design a monthly, quarterly, and yearly content roadmap. 

Source and organize lifestyle content from aligned platforms. 

Performance Reporting: 

Oversee and report content performance metrics. 

Uphold quality standards in all content deliverables. 

KPI Analysis: 

Analyse and adjust strategies based on key performance indicators. 

Software & Technical Proficiencies Required: 

Image & Video Editing: 

Proficiency in Adobe Suite, particularly: 

Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation and editing. 

Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and post-production. 

Adobe Illustrator for vector-based designs and graphics. 

Social Media Expertise: 

Mastery of content creation tools within platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Familiarity with live streaming features on platforms such as Instagram Live, TikTok, and YouTube Live. 

Experience with social media scheduling tools to streamline post timings and manage a content calendar. 

Photography & Videography: 

Knowledge of DSLR or mirrorless cameras and their settings to capture high-quality images. 

Understanding of lighting techniques and equipment to enhance photo and video quality. 

Familiarity with sound recording equipment for clear audio in videos and live streams. 

Graphic Design: 

Ability to create compelling visuals and layouts using tools like Adobe InDesign or other graphic design software. 

Understanding of typography, color theory, and branding to ensure consistent and high-quality designs. 

Desired Qualities: 

Be at ease while being filmed, photographed, or live-streamed, exuding confidence and authenticity. 

Possess a magnetic personality that draws people in, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively and relate to our audience. 

Uphold the values of honesty and genuineness, ensuring that all communications and representations of the brand come from a place of truth and integrity. 

Desired Soft Skills: 

Profound knowledge of the luxury fashion realm. 

Exceptional communication skills. 

Creativity and a zest for innovation. 

Empathy and audience understanding. 

A keen sense for language and design. 

Passion for fashion and current affairs. 

Methodical, analytical, and conceptual thought processes. 

Adaptability to diverse target audiences. 

Strong affinity for technology and the latest social media trends. 

Essential Hard Skills: 

Proficiency in videography and related tools. 

Expertise in photography and image editing. 

Superior storytelling, grammar, and spelling. 

Skilled use of graphic design software. 

Familiarity with social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Ready to join our passionate team and help shape the future of luxury cashmere fashion? Apply today and embark on a journey with Allude Cashmere! 

This refined job description maintains the core essence of the provided content while making it succinct and organized for potential candidates. 



Allude is synonymous with authentic and luxurious cashmere knitwear. Each collection synthesizes form with function and takes inspiration from art to technology to the natural world. Creative director Andrea Karg explains the Allude concept; “our classics are so trendy they don’t look boring, and our trend pieces are so classic they’re wearable”.

The Allude story began with the first touch of the creative head with the material cashmere itself, being fascinated by this natural fiber due to its light- and softness she was addicted to it. Seeking in vain for feminine contemporary shapes made out of her beloved material cashmere, Andrea Karg decided to found her own knitwear line.

Allude is one of the market leaders in luxury cashmere knitwear and is represented in over 32 countries in department stores, e-tailers, and designer-curated multi-label boutiques.

The Allude world comprises today's collections for Women, Men, as well as Home accessories.


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Daglfinger Strasse

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