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Distribution Manager

Tiffany & Co.
Japan, Japan
Closing date
22 May 2024

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Full Time

Job Details

Posiion Overview:

Distribution Manager's primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient clearance of merchandise imported from the US
and EU through customs. Then, these merchandises are promptly stored in regional distribution centers and delivered to
the destinations in accordance with orders from the Supply Chain Team, Merchandising Team, Stores, or clients.
This position is an important role that oversees both Business - to - Business (B to B. Delivery from reginal distribution
centers to all Tiffany stores in Japan, sales event venues, and business sales clients) and Business - to - Consumer (B to- C.
Home delivery for E-commerce clients). The above Distribution process must be executed within the shortest possible
lead time.
The role demands the optimization of day-to-day activities and the streamlining of workflows to boost overall
productivity. Beyond daily operations, the manager is expected to analyze and enhance operational processes,
pinpointing areas for improvement and implementing strategies to heighten both productivity and efficiency.
Leadership and guidance are integral aspects of this position, as the manager provides direction to the Distribution team,
cultivating a positive work environment and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. In addition to team
management, Distribution Manager is tasked with the efficient allocation of resources, further supporting to the
seamless execution of distribution operations.

Key Accountabilities:

(1)Warehouse Operations Supervision: Oversee both Business - to - Business (B to B) and Business - to -
Consumer (B to C) warehousing operations and optimize the performance of two regional distribution
centers to ensure efficient storage, handling, and dispatch of merchandises. Implement best practices for
inventory management and order fulfillment.
International Transportation Management: Take charge of the international transportation network,
collaborating with Supply Chain Team, Merchandising Team and freight forwarders to ensure the timely and
secure movement of merchandises across borders. Implement strategies for cost-effective and reliable
transportation solutions.
Compliance Management: Ensure that all logistics activities comply with relevant local and international
regulations and industry standards. (50%)

(2)Performance Metrics and Reporting: Establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the
effectiveness of Logistics operations. Provide regular reports to the supervisors, identifying areas for
improvement and implementing strategic adjustments.
Strategic Planning and Execution: Develop and execute strategic logistics plans in alignment with the
company's and Supply Chain & Logistics team's overall objectives. Implement innovative solutions to
enhance operational efficiency, reduce lead times and cost.(20%)

(3)Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including Supply Chain
Team, Merchandising Team, Retail Team, Omni Channel Team, Store Planning & CVM Team, IT team and
Finance Team, to align logistics activities with broader business goals. Ensure seamless coordination for a
cohesive and client-centric supply chain.
Vendor and Partner Relationships: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with warehouse service
providers, transportation partners, and other stakeholders. Negotiate contracts, monitor performance, and
drive continuous improvement in collaboration with external partners.(20%)

(4)Team Leadership and Development: Lead, inspire, and guide a diverse team of approximately 30 staff (20
Tiffany employees and 10 staff from the external service provider). Foster a collaborative and highperformance
culture, providing mentorship and professional development opportunities to enhance team


Proven experience a minimum 10 years in logistics management,
In depth knowledge and experience of warehouse operations and international transportation.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment.
Strong leadership to strive for the result.
Language skill to face with international partners.
Interpersonal & communication skills
Proficient in using logistics management software.


Six Sigma experience strongly preferred.





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