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Job title

PR & Marketing Manager, Orseund Iris


New York, United States


Executive / Coordinator


PR, Marketing & Communications



Part-time, 30K - 40K

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Job Description

We are seeking a bright, energized and fantastic PR & Marketing Manager who can manage the daily email and DM inquiries for editorial, influencer collaborations and stylist loans for celebrities. 

This is a three day a week part time position that will eventually grow into a full time role.  

You are great with people, appreciate the connections that can be made with others and know how to respond to every kind of request in a timely and considerate fashion. 

You love to go out, meet others in the industry and you have your finger on the pulse of what is happening right now - in music, fashion and art. 

You also understand the Orseund Iris fan and follower and what inspires and moves them. 

You can juggle and multitask effortlessly while you host studio visits and make new long lasting connections on behalf of Orseund Iris.

Did we mention you have really strong people skills? :)

Always on top of what is new and noteworthy you have a remarkable way of tuning into newness, freshness and what is real and authentic that resonates with our customers. 

This position requires you to be a wonderful writer, very diplomatic and extremely organized while helping us maintain and grow our rolodex and VIP and celebrity relationships. 

You will be working directly with the owner, designer and director Lana Johnson. It is extremely important that you can communicate daily updates in a busy working environment, letting nothing fall through the cracks.  

The Ideal Candidate

You must be tapped into social media, follow influencers that speak to the authenticity that is Orseund Iris and be willing to learn and understand where Orseund Iris differs from most designers and brands.  

This is a high energy, high vibe position that requires a positive and strong mindset at all times and you need to have the ability to share the same aesthetic as the owner and designer while meeting brand standards at all times. 

You have a thorough and complete understanding about how influencer, stylist and celebrity loans work and you know how to reach out and follow up in a way that feels right for Orseund Iris. 

You know how to speak directly to fans and followers in an authentic and sincere way and you know what appeals to the Orseund Iris customer.  

Some of the technical skills required: Organizing a contact sheet on Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Keeping track of loans and influencers on Instagram. 

You also write really well.

You love reading, learning and you are well-traveled and know where to find those that are starting trends.

You are inspired by the originators, the creators and the visionaries.  You are also very organized.

You will have eager interns to manage, so being able to prioritize your day and work with someone less experienced to help you accomplish your goals is extremely important. 

Finally, you are really fun to work, have a great sense of humor, extremely optimistic and an incredible team player that is ready for anything! 

Language skills

  1. English, Full professional proficiency

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