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Job title

Social Media Manager, Orseund Iris LLC


New York, United States




PR, Marketing & Communications



Full-time, 40K - 50K

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Job Description

You are a talented, energized, organized creative and confident individual who has amazing photography and video skills to share our world on Instagram.  Your job is to capture the beauty and essence of Orseund Iris apparel and accessories along with the vision, personality and creativity of the brand’s founder Lana Johnson on a daily basis and share it with the world. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities include creating fresh and original photographs and video “content” with the studio’s iPhone camera while writing strong captions and sharing engaging moments for Instagram stories, highlights and TV.  

This position requires working every day at the studio in Brooklyn while taking creative direction from the designer, founder and director, Lana Johnson. 

Just some of videos and photos you will take include - 

  • Beautiful videos of new and existing Orseund Iris styles
  • Daily behind the scenes moments at the studio
  • Visits to the studio from influencers and customers
  • Product knowledge meetings with our production manager
  • 100’s of ways to wear each style
  • Quality of manufacturing and production of our styles at Orseund Iris NYC factories
  • Videos of the designer in her creative moments throughout her day. 

You will be  sharing all of this content while writing incredible captions on both @orseund_iris and @lanathecowboy every day with the designer.  Your responsibilities also include ongoing team communication and collaboration with our e-commerce & customer service manager and production manager along with influencers and celebrities that follow and shop with the brand. 

The Ideal Candidate

You must have impeccable photography and video skills and be able to shoot, edit and post all day at a fast pace, while writing interesting and original captions that resonate with Orseund Iris’s fans and followers. 

This is a high energy, high vibe position that requires a positive and strong mindset at all times and the ability to share the same aesthetic as the owner and designer while meeting brand standards at all times. 

You have a thorough and complete understanding and fascination of what really works on Instagram and you are constantly learning about how the platform is evolving and growing. 

You understand how to read and follow Instagram insights and how work do more of what really gets organic engagement.

You know how to speak and write directly to fans and followers in an authentic and sincere way and you know what appeals to the Orseund Iris customer.  

Some of the technical skills required: Adobe Creative Photo Shop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator expertise; photography and in-camera editing with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, Google Drive, Sheets and Dropbox. 

You also write really well. You love reading, learning and you are well-traveled and know where to find those that are starting trends.

You are inspired by the originators, the creators and the visionaries of the world. 

You are also very organized. You will have eager interns to manage, so being able to prioritize your day and direct someone with less experience to help you accomplish your goals is extremely important. 

About You

  • You're authentic, down-to-earth and appreciate the understated and unique side of fashion.  You are  not constrained by the norms or expectations/beliefs of others and you know precisely how far to deviate away from the norm while showcasing the beauty of each of our styles in a unique and unexpected way that resonates and inspires our fans and followers. 
  • You can spot and sense the genuine and real from miles away and you know exactly how to capture it on camera. 
  • You are incredibly curious about life and constantly inspired to showcase Orseund Iris in new ways, with incredibly creative and fresh eyes. 
  • You are super organized, especially with our photos and videos and know how to create and manage our editorial calendar.
  • You are incredible about showcasing every special detail of every style and you know how to develop a strong strategy behind each and every post.
  • The Orseund identity and language is second nature to you.
  • You are a great collaborator and enjoy working closely with other creators.
  • You are a pro at managing shoots and working in a timely and organized fashion with a production calendar.
  • You are excited about new channels of communication and you are already proficient with Pinterest and learning the nuances of Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitch.
  • You are up to date with all the latest social media platforms and how to succeed on each and everyone that is relevant to fashion and design.
  • You have the know how and ability to grow our current Instagram with Insta Stories, Highlights and IG TV.

Finally, you are really fun to work, have a great sense of humor, extremely optimistic and an incredible team player that is ready for anything! 

Language skills

  1. English, Full professional proficiency

About Us

Orseund Iris is based in Bushwick, Brooklyn and sold on and The team is lead by @lanathecowboy, Lana Johnson.