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Job title

Product Developer, Marine Serre


Paris, France


Executive / Coordinator


Production & Technical



Full-time, Salary Unspecified

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Job Description

We are in need of a thorough Product Developer, to reinforce our production team, with multiple seasons of experience in this or very similar function in comparable brand, and explicitly willing to work with us on the future of our emerging new house.

Direct job desk tasks include:

* RTW Product Development: operationalizing the Design team's toiles with existing or new manufacturers, from the final stages of studio design to the delivery of manufactured show samples; 

* Strategic advice on, and negotiation with manufacturers, in Europe and beyond.

* Feeding the designs of the Creative Director with his/her extensive knowledge of fabric suppliers and manufacturing processes.

* Having a key price awareness in processing the development of new product proposed by the Design team -- and having the creativity to think out, set up and/or significantly improve cost-effective production lines.

* Actively guarding the set cost prize ranges and cost price to wholesale margins with the Design and Materials team, including basic market price awareness and benchmarking, and consequent cost price determination with the Coordinator.  

* As our team is organized in a relatively horizontal manner, the ability to collaborate, plan, and align within a larger team of colleagues in Development is crucial. You will further have to be able to find colleagues in other teams too: notably the Production, the Atelier, the Material, and Design team.

* Ability to work with tough deadlines as well as create and kindly enforce such deadlines (for example for the maquettes of the studio design team, etc.). 

* Linking up and attuning closely with our Development Coordinator and Development & Production Director over budget planning and control.

* Developing precise nomenclature and cost price, and pro-active thinking and advising on quality and attributes of a proposed product.

* Also: aligning closely with our Sales and Campaign teams: responding adequately retailers or press demands, special projects, or any other requests.

The Ideal Candidate

The profile we are looking for shows:

  • someone with ambition and a great amount of energy, excited to work outside of office hours sometimes, for a young brand with a marvellous future;
  • someone that can significantly expand the brand's network of manufacturers in Europe;
  • reliability and transparancy;
  • keeping good humour under large amounts of stress, together with clear vision and a plan;
  • ability to think more than 3 steps ahead;  
  • superior social negotiation skills;
  • minimum of one year experience in a similar development function, with all additional seasons a strong plus
  • intimate familiarity with the idiom and standards in today’s high-fashion industry;
  • an excellent and up-to-date awareness of both old and new fabrics, materials, techniques and finishing of garments (inside and outside);
  • a rather hands-on, pro-active and challenge-hungry attitude, in response to complex or outside of the ordinary creative demands;
  • affinity with and enthusisam for attempts of re-thinking the production process of high-fashion in circular terms (that is: sourcing from vintage, upcycling, etc.);
  • knowledge of Zedonk software is a very strong plus;
  • excellent project development skills;
  • a strong capacity in bringing energy, enthusisam, organization and structure to her/his work and that of others;
  • enjoyment in working with both avant-garde/experimental design and more regular RTW design;
  • excellent communication skills in English, with French and/or Italian being a very strong plus.

It is crucial that the candidate enjoys working for a new and small brand in a (post-)start-up phase. This means the opportunity for rapid growth, and a thrilling environment that constantly poses new challenges. However it also demands a high degree of flexibility, and willingness to work outside of office hours. Above all, it requires a strong degree of collaborative trust and team-spirit between the candidate and the creative designer and her core team. 

Language skills

  1. English, Limited working proficiency
  2. French, Limited working proficiency

About Us

Marine Serre is a young brand based in Paris that started to gather international visibility in Spring 2017. Stockists include Dover Street Market, SSENSE, Joyce, MatchesFashion, Galeries Lafayette, BOON. 

We are far from the established houses however, in internal culture and direction.