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Job title

Garment Technologist, House of Holland


London, United Kingdom




Production & Technical



Full-time, Salary Unspecified

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Job Description

Main Responsibilities;

·      Supporting the design, pattern and production departments to develop all products throughout design and manufacture, ensuring that garments are suitable for commercial sale and that brand requirements are met in accordance with the CP.

·      Ensuring the most appropriate construction methods are used, suggesting modifications to designs if required whilst considering potential cost implications.

·      Controlling garment fit across the collection and ensuring brand fit standards are maintained to ensure consistency.

·      Creating master spec sheets for all garments that are put into production, ensuring that these are updated accurately before handing over to suppliers at order placement stage.

·      Measuring all samples received from factories including proto’s, salesman samples, pre production samples and pre shipment samples in advance of scheduled fittings.

·      Assessing all samples in advance of product fittings to identify anything that falls outside of specification.

·      Managing fit meetings with the design and production team, taking note of all fit comments made and relaying them accurately to the factories within updated technical packs.

·      Provide approved graded specs to factories for all sealed production styles.

·      Check and approve factory AQl reports in advance of bulk shipment.

·      Attending weekly meetings with the design and production team to review product status and collection timelines.

·      Analysing product returns and faults and following up with factories where required.

·      Ensuring that products are produced in compliance with chemical and testing legislation of all countries that the products are sold.

·     Ensuring that any product issues and concerns are relayed to the sales and production team in advance of production to review potential risks.

·      Managing test reports and approving wash care layouts.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have;

·      A high level of attention to detail and organisation.

·      Multi product experience in womenswear and accessories.

·      Ability to work in a structured and timely manner whilst under pressure.

·      A sound knowledge of yarns, fabrics and testing requirements.

·      An excellent technical knowledge of garment fit, pattern cutting, grading and garment construction.

·      A thorough understanding of manufacturing techniques.

·      The ability to communicate effectively, clearly and accurately across internal departments and external sources.

·      Experienced in Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programmes.

A minimum of 5 years experience in similar roles.

About Us

House of Holland is a leading British brand founded by Henry Holland in 2006. Started as a joke, the brand was launched on the back of 4 sexually charged fashion industry insider slogan T-shirts and has since become a much-loved advanced contemporary RTW brand sold around the world. The brand is synonymous with a playfully bold sense of humour and irreverent take on popular culture and renowned for its strong personality and joie de vivre.