Lebanon’s premiere retailer continues to bring the best of western fashion to its Middle Eastern customer base.

Vital statistics

  • 1989 Established
  • Private Type
  • 48 Stores
  • Beirut, Lebanon HQ

Key people

  • Micheline Salamé Commercial Manager
  • Michel Salamé Chief Operations Officer

Menswear Q&A

Company Snapshot

Aishti: Lebanon’s Biggest Retailer, Root and Branch

Aishti: Lebanon’s Biggest Retailer, Root and Branch

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The first Aïshti store was a modest undertaking in both size and outfit. Back in 1989, the store’s founder, Tony Salamé, started his retail empire stocking menswear in a warehouse with only $5,000 of seed money. Since then, the company has grown into a multi-million-dollar luxury empire with 27 locations, 14 of which stock menswear. Aïshti has also expanded into new territories: Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait, and new product categories such as home furnishings. But the spirit of Salamé’s original Aïshti store and its core offering remains the same: a Middle Eastern take on the best of Western fashion with a product selection that brings together some of the most prestigious labels in the world.

BoF caught up with Aïshti’s chief operations officer Michel Salamé to learn more.

BoF: What makes Aïshti special?

MS: Aïshti is a brand at the intersection of luxury, quality and taste. Reflecting the cosmopolitan country of its birth, Aïshti acts as the Middle Eastern eye on Western fashion. In menswear, Aïshti’s competitive strength comes from three key components: our assortment of brands, the quality of those brands and the selection we make from each collection. We know what appeals to our clients, and they trust that when they walk into an Aïshti store they will find exactly what they were looking for.

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Company Snapshot

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