Amsterdam Fashion Academy

An international private fashion boutique academy.

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

This boutique academy decided to leave the higher educational beaten-track and follow its own path. A daring adventure which has turned out to be a great success. We had the pleasure of talking to Head of School, Jenny Sinton, to try and unravel the secrets behind this success story. 

Q: Most businesses or establishments want to grow, but when you pride yourself on being small how do you grow, if you want to? 

Jenny: The whole concept is not to grow in terms of student classroom numbers, but to grow in terms of the courses we offer, which allows for the continuation of the academy ethos. We have our main qualifications: BA (Hons) Fashion Business; BA (Hons) Fashion with Textiles Design and Foundation Diploma in Fashion, but we also offer part-time studies, which allow professionals to extend their knowledge or for those who wish to change career paths. 

Q How would you describe the atmosphere at the academy?

Jenny: Oh, it’s friendly, it’s intimate, everybody knows everybody’s name, it’s like a little family really. When we have new students come in for interviews they always notice it is very family orientated. 

Q: What, if any, kind of teaching practices do you use?

We are moving to a more holistic approach to teaching. This allows us to integrate the design and business students more, creating a more realistic industry approach to learning. Crafting a more integrated approach enables learners to focus on their strengths and weaknesses and also allows them to learn from each other. They will of course still have their lectures, seminars and practical workshops for the curriculum, but being able to see the personal skill sets that need to be developed is essential!

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