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CarréCouture combines a personalized online shopping experience with access to the world's most exclusive boutiques.

CarréCouture combines a personalized online shopping experience with access to the world's most exclusive boutiques.'s live mosaic

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Vital statistics

  • 2016 Established
  • Private Type
  • 11 - 50 Number of employees
  • Rameyenstraat 6
    Gestel, Belgium

Key people

  • Nathalie Pompen CEO

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

'Online shopping is usually all about the product and not about the client. This inspired me to create a new way to shop online. Designed purely to please the client and address her specific needs.’ Nathalie Pompen, founder and creative force behind CarréCouture.

CarréCouture is a global luxury-shopping platform for women. We believe every boutique has its own taste in fashion and cutting-edge design. This is exactly why it appeals to certain customers and their taste. CarréCouture reunites boutiques and customers by bringing the art of luxury shopping online.

The idea originated about two and a half years ago. After months of extensive research on digitalization in luxury fashion we discovered there was a need for a more personal approach. Today, CarréCouture has a specialized team of 30 employees, a number that will be doubled within the year. The company will officially launch its online platform during Spring 2017.

We compare our boutique owners to art gallery owners, relying on their expertise to offer our members curated designer pieces. Helping our international clientele discover the looks, brands and designs that suit best, fit them perfectly. Instead of focusing on selling an individual product, we help our client manage her wardrobe. Our goal is to make sure that every item she buys on our platform is easy to combine with what she already owns. That way every piece is worth the investment, she can look different every day and get the full benefit of her wardrobe.

Our members experience face-to-face styling advice and access to the world’s most exclusive boutiques. They get the same feeling of luxury online as they would in one of those boutiques. 

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