Brussels’ luxury menswear market leader has refined sartorial retail to the highest levels, servicing its distinguished clientele.

Vital statistics

  • 1983 Established
  • Public Type
  • 11 - 50 Number of employees
  • 1 Stores
  • Avenue Louise 415
    Brussels, Belgium

Key people

  • Michèle Degand Artistic Director
  • Pierre Degand Founder, CEO & Artistic Director

Menswear Q&A

Company Snapshot

Maison Degand: Brussels' Shrine to Masculine Elegance

Maison Degand: Brussels' Shrine to Masculine Elegance

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Following a tip-off from his mother that a house was for sale on Brussels’ premier shopping street, Avenue Louise, Pierre Degand immediately drove to the capital. Degand initially believed his mother was mistaken, but eventually realised she was referring to a maison de maïtre, built with pre-war majesty in 1911. Immediately enraptured by the property, Degand set about finding the money to buy it. The 10th bank he approached finally agreed to fund him, and ever since, the Belgian retailer has toiled in a labour of love to refurbish, repurpose and fill the renamed Maison Degand with a menswear store of sufficient scale and sophistication to convincingly inhabit so beautiful a house. Spread across three buildings, and employing 35 members of staff, Degand now dresses the Dutch and Belgian royal families and is a major stockist for the world’s leading sartorial and luxury brands.

BoF spoke to Michèle Degand, the wife and partner of Maison Degand founder, Pierre.

BoF: Tell us about Maison Degand.

MD: Degand is located in a very beautiful house just outside of the city. It is in an old maison de maître which has been completely restored. Everything in the house is exceptionally detailed: every wall, every window, every curtain — everything. When the Sartorialist came, he took so many pictures because every detail truly is incredible, and every article of clothing we sell is shown in a really special way. It is not a shop; it is a house.

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Company Snapshot

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