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Digital Brand Architects is the first and most pioneering social influencer talent management agency.

Digital Brand Architects

Digital Brand Architects is the first and most pioneering social influencer talent management agency.

Vital statistics

  • 2010 Established
  • Private Type
  • 11 - 50 Number of employees
  • West Hollywood, CA, United States HQ

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

DBA is the industry leader in the influencer management and marketing landscape, representing a world class portfolio of diverse social media-oriented personalities, creators, and publishers. Founded in 2010, DBA was the first digital influencer agency to recognize the rise of new media voices and manage them as individual talent.  

Now, with over 150 of the most prominent social media influencers whom, in aggregate, have a reach of 200 million-plus, DBA masters the multi-platform constellation of the ever-shifting media space, blending decades of brand strategy and communications expertise. Focusing on top-level content and storytelling as well as native advertising and brand development, DBA continues to move digital culture forward.

In 2015, DBA launched Digital Brand Products (DBP) to empower its talent and other digital native properties in developing, manufacturing, and selling their own merchandise. 

Most recently, DBA announced the launch of Dear Media (DM), a new kind of podcasting studio located in West Hollywood, with a focus on leading female voices and narratives. As a company, Dear Media will help individuals conceptualize, develop and produce customized podcasts with the same personalized touch applied to DBA clientele. However, with an emphasis on female hosts and voices, Dear Media will place women, their stories and narratives, at the forefront of conversation.  

DBA also partners with the coveted conference series and platform, Create & Cultivate. C&C guides female entrepreneurs and creatives creating and cultivating the career of their dreams.  

In 2017 DBA was named one of Ad Age’s Best Places to Work.

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