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egg make clothes, accessories & objects drawing on traditional skills from around the world


egg make clothes, accessories & objects drawing on traditional skills from around the world

Vital statistics

  • 1994 Established
  • Private Type
  • 2 - 10 Number of employees
  • 1 Stores
  • 36 Kinnerton Street
    London, United Kingdom

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

In 1994 a converted dairy on a quiet Belgravia Street became egg.

After many years in the fashion business Maureen Doherty created her vision of a shop that sold the most beautiful everyday things.

Close to the shopping landmarks of Knightsbridge and Sloane Street, but a million miles away philosophically and spiritually, egg was, and remains, the antithesis of them all.

egg makes and sells timeless, simple clothes, accessories and objects. Drawing on traditional skills from around the world it is not about fashion, but about the pure enjoyment of shapes, colour, materials and making.

In two collections a year, inspiration may come from a found photograph, a child's crayon or a poem. Disparate thoughts begin a process of research and design: ultimately a journey to find the perfect makers of yarn, fabric, dye and garments.

Visitors to Kinnerton Street find a shop at once calming and stimulating. egg is welcoming in a way that shops used to be. Clothes, pots, books, boots, scarves, bags, jewels, pencils and the odd jar of flowers are organised, or piled, throughout the rooms of the shop. Clothes on hooks, rails and stacks invite investigation and touch. egg is as tactile as it is visual.  When coffee is made upstairs, taste and smell are added to the mix.

Since the beginning, egg has mixed clothing, often inspired by work wear from around the world, with craft. Supporting makers is integral to the life of the shop. egg was the first place that potter and author Edmund de Waal had a one-man show, where Keiko Hasegawa made one thousand pots in a year to set in rows on the floor and where the masterly silversmith Bill Phipps hand-forged silver spoons big enough for giants to stir their tea.  

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