Le Bon Marché

Located on the city’s rive gauche, the store has made its uniquely Parisian character its biggest selling point for 162 years.

Vital statistics

  • 1852 Established
  • Public Type
  • 1 Stores
  • Paris, France HQ

Key people

  • Lisa Attia Commercial Director
  • Aristide et Marguerite Boucicaut Founders
  • Frédéric Bodenes Artistic Director
  • Patrice Wagner Chairman & Chief Executive

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Company Snapshot

Le Bon Marché: A Rive Gauche Temple to L’art de Vivre

Le Bon Marché: A Rive Gauche Temple to L’art de Vivre

PARIS, France — Acquired by LVMH in 1984, Le Bon Marché has been a sartorial fixture of Paris for more than 160 years. In 1862, Le Bon Marché’s founder, Aristide Boucicaut, turned to architect Louis-Charles Boileau to transform a small stall into a new kind of store: an emporium offering a scale of choice to its customers, beyond anything then conceived of. Boileau in turn consulted Parisian engineering’s most renowned son: Gustave Eiffel.

The result of their shared efforts is one of Paris’ most iconic retail spaces. Today, in a homogenised department store market, Le Bon Marché has maintained its niche by refusing to dilute its uniquely Parisian character. In the increasingly identi-kit luxury retail marketplace, ‘the good market’ of Paris has remained resolutely synonymous with Paris itself.

Lisa Attia, the department store’s commercial director, spoke to BoF to provide further context.

BoF: Describe the customer experience at Le Bon Marché.

LA: The customers, when they are in Le Bon Marché, have a fantastic shopping experience because they are in constantly in, and in front of, pieces of art and culture. We have commercial exhibitions, we have artistic exhibitions, and it is really a balance between product and culture that is very important for Le Bon Marché. The magic is to mesh all of this together. The architecture of the building, the iconic pieces — which we have in each department — and the way they are presented.

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Company Snapshot

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