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The pioneering menswear e-tailer broke new ground through investment in editorial content and new product categories.

Vital statistics

  • 2011 Established
  • Private Type
  • 51 - 200 Number of employees
  • 1 The Village Offices
    Ariel Way, Westfield
    London, United Kingdom
  • The Net-a-Porter Group Parent Group

Key people

  • Toby Bateman Buying Director
  • John Brodie Editor-in-Chief
  • Ian Tansley Managing Director

Menswear Q&A

Company Snapshot

Toby Bateman on Mr Porter's Mandate and Expanding into Fine Watches

Toby Bateman on Mr Porter's Mandate and Expanding into Fine Watches

LONDON, United Kingdom — Like Net-a-Porter, its sister site for women, pure play e-tailer Mr Porter has reimagined the luxury e-commerce experience for men, pioneering the integration of commerce and content, delivering a robust service offering (including personalised same-day deliver in key markets) and challenging assumptions about the types of products that can be sold online. Now, the company is expanding its product offering with a move into fine watches.

BoF spoke with fashion director Toby Bateman to learn more. 

BoF: What is Mr Porter’s mandate in today’s menswear market? 

TB: It hasn’t really changed. In the original mission statement, there were phrases like ‘style not fashion,’ which I think is still very relevant to what we do. I guess Mr Porter was founded to dress the man in the Net-a-Porter girl’s life, which I hope it does, but it is probably a bit broader than that now. The approach hasn’t changed, but the business has changed because of its scale and how quickly it developed. It’s still about the provision of desirable items and I think that one thing that sets Mr Porter apart, from either online or physical retailers, is the attention that we place on product. Product really is the star.

BoF: What are the key differences between Mr Porter and Net-a-Porter?

TB: Net-a-Porter is very glossy and sexy and product focused; you know, you might go on to the home page and see the latest bag or the latest shoe. We never wanted to take that way of working and try and apply it to men, because we knew that is not what men want to see. The home page was always going to be the magazine and it was always going to have interesting articles. We don’t use models in our magazine shoots. We always use people that are interesting for another reason: actors, writers, architects, inventors and sport stars. They are real people, and I think that immediately draws people who are just visiting the site into the world of Mr Porter. It is about style, not necessarily fashion, and it is looking good and it is contemporary. Helping men become more stylish — and hopefully them enjoying the results of that and feeling better about themselves as a result — is what we are trying to achieve.

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Company Snapshot

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