Silver Deer

The store is bringing sartorial satisfaction to a growing number of Mexican consumers seeking more than a mono-brand experience.

Vital statistics

  • 2012 Established
  • Private Type
  • 2 - 10 Number of employees
  • 1 Stores
  • Park Plaza, Javier Barros Sierra #540
    Colonia Santa Fe
    Mexico City, Mexico

Key people

  • Robert Hirsh Founder, CEO & Artistic Director

Menswear Q&A

Company Snapshot

Silver Deer: Mexico’s Men's Style Pioneer

Silver Deer: Mexico’s Men's Style Pioneer

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Robert Hirsh, a Canadian investment banker, founded Silver Deer after spotting the opportunity for a menswear multi-brand retailer when he was working in the Mexican market. Returning to what he deems ‘Retail 101,’ Hirsch has built his store’s reputation and established Silver Deer’s place in the market through educating the Mexican and Latin American menswear consumers on sartorial brands, previously not easily available in the region. The highly designed store, which was influenced by Scandinavian simplicity and the desire to create a contemporary luxury environment, changes its layout and merchandising every two weeks.

We spoke to Hirsh on the phone from Mexico City, where Silver Deer has emerged as the city’s numero uno menswear style destination.

BoF: Why as a Canadian did you choose to open a menswear store in Mexico?

RH: I just saw that Mexico was missing that… story. You know, in Mexico and Latin America and Asia and Brazil, the consumer is very brand-conscious. Having Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo gives them a certain confidence and reinforces that they’ve made it. What we’re doing with Silver Deer is getting rid of the aspect of status and putting forward style. We do this with a roster of different types of brands that have not previously been available in the Mexican market. They don’t catch these brands when they go to London or when they go to New York or Paris or wherever they’re going. They’re still sticking very much to their mono-brands, but we offer something different.

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Company Snapshot

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