The Moscow department store clothes the city’s billionaires and fashion fans with the best of international luxury.

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

Founded by merchants Andrew Muir and Archibald Mirrielees in 1857, it was initially known as the “Muir and Mirrielees” trade company. Tsum, or Central Universal Department Store, is a top-tier luxury department store in Moscow.

The company became the first and largest department store in the pre-soviet Romanov Empire, and was and is still based in a six-storey Gothic Revival style building in the Tvserskoy District. The store carries more than 1,000 brands of fashion apparel, cosmetics and perfumery, jewellery, glass, china and gifts, a fusion restaurant (Tsum Globus Gourmet), a cigar room, a café, and a champagne bar.

Tsum is part of the Mercury Group, and played in a key role in many luxury mono-brands’ entry into the Russian market.

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