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Alice Ferraz

Founder, Ferraz Moda PR

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A fashion PR, avid blogger, founder and chief executive of F*hits and champion of the Brazilian luxury market, Alice Ferraz is one of the country's most formidable fashion connectors.

Since founding her own PR agency in 1996, she has served clients spanning the apparel and beauty industries, including Moda Operandi , Caudalié, Marc Jacobs  and Issa. Ferraz expanded her company in 2010 to include advertising, and then launched Brazil’s first network of bloggers, called F*hits.

“I really like real fashion coming from blogs. It creates an authentic desire. A woman my age, for example, can look at my blog for inspiration and have immediate access to the clothes I am wearing,” she told BoF. 

F*hits hosts 200 Brazilian influencers, hand-picked by Ferraz and ranging in age from 18 to 50, which garner over 40 million visitors — the biggest online audience of a beauty and fashion website in South America.

Ferez told BoF, "We have now a Swedish fund which has had a great moment. We also did another pop up store of Brazilian brands in Stockholm and we are bringing Swedish brands to Brazil this November. We are continuing with our strategy of exchanging the culture and fashion of Brazil with other countries each year."


Ferraz Moda PR

Ferraz Moda PR


São Paulo, Brazil

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