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Andrew Creighton

President, Vice & i-D

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Tyneside-born Andrew Creighton is the president of Vice Media. He co-founded the UK division of VICE in the late 2000s with Andy Capper. In 2013 he was appointed president of the company, which by then was valued at $1.4 billion.

Since its launch in 1994, the magazine has spun out editions in 17 countries, a record label, chain of bars, and an online TV venture designed to take on the broadcasting establishment. VICE grew from two million monthly users to 15 million in just over a year. In 2012, it acquired British style bible i-D, where Creighton previously worked.

"We have traditionally built everything we do here within the company, but i-D was perfect as a partner to launch a play into fashion," Creighton told The Guardian, “What i-D has not necessarily done, by accident or design, is move into the digital area in a big way." Creighton does not see the deal as a typical merger and acquisition, instead he describes it as a "partnership with creative talent".


He told The Guardian there is the possibility that i-D's print circulation may increase following Vice’s model. I-D is printed in the UK and distributed internationally; Vice has a number of editorial offices internationally and 24 editions.

"The magazine will stay paid, although a highly targeted free circ is not out of the equation. Online will be free, but we will not be driving commerce through traditional CPM [cost per thousand] based ads, we will work with appropriate brand partners on content and other special campaigns. We need to create a user experience on web, mobile [and] app that is premium."

Creighton is based in New York, although the company has outposts in 34 countries around the world. Creighton previously worked at i-D. Creighton joined VICE in 2001, as well as founding its first UK operation he has lead its expansion into 17 global markets. In 2010, he moved from London to VICE's Brooklyn headquarters to head up the company globally. 






2011 - Present

London, United Kingdom




2002 - Present

London, United Kingdom


University of Manchester

University of Manchester

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