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Avinash & Kabir Wadhwani

Co-Founders & Chief Executives, Temple Muse

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Brothers Avinash & Kabir Wadhwani are the co-founders of one of Nigeria’s most prominent luxury boutiques: Temple Muse. Described by the pair as a lifestyle store, Temple Muse carries fashion and accessories, intermingled with homeware products and services such as a florist, a wedding gift registry, a café and an event space. As African designers gain increasing traction among consumers abroad, highlighted by public figures like Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Theresa May who have donned African designs for public appearances, Temple Muse is providing the much-needed space for luxury.

Born in India and raised in Lagos, the Wadhwani recognised a gap in the market for luxury. Kabir previously worked for the advertising company Publicis UK, and Avinash worked as a buyer at London’s Selfridges, but the duo decided to travel back to their hometown Lagos and set up shop in Victoria Island in 2008. Bolstered by a recent increase in successful designers and retail shops in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Temple Muse stocks Nigerian designers such as Duro Olowu and Ituen Basi, alongside Givency and Emilio Pucci, catering to Nigeria’s luxury customers who are increasingly interested in incorporating local brands into their wardrobe.

In 2011, the Wadhwani partnered with Arise Magazine, the continents largest international fashion publication, to offer opportunities for veteran designers during fashion week.

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