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Dan Bailey & Joe Kazuaki

Co-Founders, Tokyo Dandy

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Bloggers and friends Dan Bailey and Joe Kazuaki launched their site, Tokyo Dandy, in 2008 as a way to bridge the gap between street fashion, culture and high fashion in a way not previously seen in mainstream Japanese media. The bilingual web magazine covers Japanese and international fashion, art, photography, and music. Its popularity has made the two founders tastemakers, with a devoted following of fashion insiders around the world and Japanese club kids.

Bailey, originally from York, and Kazuaki, from Okinawa, a resort island at the southern tip of Japan, are well known for posting photography from parties and events hosted at underground clubs. The two have told CNN that they are chronicling the happenings of Japan’s ‘lost generation’, a demographic comprised of young people scrounging a living by working part-time in retail and making statements with their outfits, often with a lot of flair and DIY.

“It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what happens to all of these kids in 10 years. Can they be working at clothing shops forever?” Bailey said to CNN.

Through their work, the duo have become a fixture on the Tokyo fashion scene, with collaborations and DJing gigs for brands like Marc Jacobs , Prada, Vogue Japan, Loewe, CK One, and Louis Vuitton . Bailey has also taken photography commissions with brands like Gucci and Verbal, a hip-hop artist, while Kazuaki has designed clothing for Japanese brand Fad3.

In 2010, WWD Japan named Tokyo Dandy the most influential blog.


Tokyo Dandy

Tokyo Dandy


2008 - Present

Tokyo, Japan

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