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Ed Filipowski

Co-President, KCD

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United States

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In his capacity as president of KCD, Ed Filipowski presides over the public relations strategies, event management and show production for Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Marc Jacobs , Chanel and Versace, and many more.

Filipowski has continued KCDs “fashion purism,” choosing to only represent clients from within the industry. Rather than diversifying Filipowski ensured the agency’s growth by capitalising on the success of KCD’s American designer partners Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford , “the U.S. was becoming a player in the European fashion scene and vice versa, [which] extended the influence of our agency in a very high-profile way."

Although Filipowski is often referred to as intimidating, KCD is known for its close knit employee network. KCD publicists rarely defect to other agencies, and in an industry with notoriously high staff turnover KCD’s senior-level publicist average tenure is 9.5 years.

His presidency has seen KCD develop digital fashion shows, launched in 2012 for industry members only, and in 2013 for the public, the resource allows viewers to watch KCD client fashion shows live.

KCD has been ranked 6th in The New York Observer's The Power 50 List of agencies in New York, the highest position for a fashion agency.

He lives in New York with longtime partner Mark Lee , chief executive of Barneys New York .