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Joerg Koch

Editor-in-Chief, 032c, Ssense

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41 year-old Joerg Koch is the founder and editor-in-chief of 032c, the thinking man’s fashion magazine, and the editor-in-chief of SSense. Koch’s magazine is consistently filled with fashion’s most reticent figures, including Martin Margiela, while SSense a global e-commerce platform that receives 22 million page views per month and counts the US, South Korea and China as its top markets.

At a time in which everyone is questioning the relevance of print publishing, 032c doesn’t seem to be suffering, largely because it actually has something to say. With unparalleled watershed and watercooler features like ‘Who is Steven Miesel?’ (an exclusive interview with Miesel featuring a 16-page foldout archive of all his Vogue Italia covers spanning 1988 to 2008) or ‘Hip, Hop, You Don’t Stop’ (a detailed portrait of the legendary German publisher Gerhard Stiedl), 032c interviews all the people you’ve ever wanted to know about, only before you’ve even realised it.

The quality and intellectual rigour of its features never underestimates the intelligence of its readership – where else would you find ‘A Structural Analysis of Vogue Paris’? Visually the magazine is equally daring, championing innovative young photographers such as Danko Steiner and Daniel Sannwald. And, with 032c’s archive of back issues now available to read online, a comprehensive interactive source of wisdom, the originality and scope of Koch’s editorial approach is out there for all to witness.

Industrie credits Koch with “with restoring proper journalistic values to fashion publishing, there’s little doubt that since its conception in 1999, o32c has set the most significant editorial agenda since The Face.” Koch himself describes the magazine and his editorial style as “Vanity Fair on crack.” 

In 2015 it was announced Koch would be helming Ssense as its editor-in-chief. The Canadian fashion e-tailer is known for its wide but discerning range of product from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Common Projects and Vetements.


032c Magazine

032c Magazine


1999 - Present

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