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Juergen Teller


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Juergen Teller’s photography stands apart in the fashion world. The imagery he produces is always immediately recognisable due to its innate starkness. His photography is often over-exposed and regularly features the photographer himself in various stages of undress. The photographer shot every single Marc Jacobs campaign from 1998 until 2014.

Teller first gained wider recognition in 1996 with his front cover of Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, featuring a nude Kristen McMenamy with the word ‘Versace’ drawn in a heart across her chest. His fashion photography has now been featured in The Face, American, French, British and Italian Vogue, Another Magazine, Index, W, Self Service , Details, Purple, i-D and 032c, among many others. Teller has collaborated with brands like Helmut Lang , Yves Saint Laurent , Vivienne Westwood and Céline.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, he fell into the field, having started out taking photographs for album covers. Perhaps due to background, his work has always retained a sense of rebellion. It sells an attitude, not a dream. The German photographer refuses to tailor his aesthetic to that of his commercial clients, a rare privilege granted only to the best photographers.



Munich University of Applied Sciences

Munich University of Applied Sciences

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Vital Statistics

28 January 1964


United Kingdom

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